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How To Get Started with Credit Saint In 2022

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Under the current economic conditions having a bad credit score can hugely affect your day-to-day activities. A bad credit score can deter you from accessing various support services like mortgages, loans and many others. So, it is always important to ensure that your credit score is perfect.

I understand that maintaining a perfect credit score might be difficult, but I want to inform you that you don’t always have to be cautious about maintaining the perfect credit score. Why? You ask. Currently, there are several companies existing for the sole purpose of helping you restore your credit to acceptable levels.

One of these companies whose sole purpose is credit restoration is Credit Saint. Founded in 2007, Credit Saint is one of the country’s leading and preferred providers of credit repair services. The company is well renowned for its A ratings by the Better Business Bureau. Before we get into how to get started with Credit Saint, here is an overview of the company.


Based in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, United States, Credit Saint is a reputable credit restoration agency with over 15 years of experience. The company’s main aim is to educate people about credit and help them understand how they can achieve and maintain a healthy credit score.

Credit Saint can help you eliminate the negative items on your credit history, including bankruptcies, late payments, identity theft, charge-offs, collections, inquiries, collections, foreclosure, repossession, judgements, and liens. The company promises that results should be seen in less than 90 days after signing up. So, look here on how to get started with Credit Saint.

How To Get Started with Credit Saint

There are five steps to be followed in this process, and each step is important, and any questions asked or documents requested should be answered and submitted with the utmost transparency and honesty to achieve the required goal. Here are the steps to be followed:


Like any other company, for you to be able to access Credit Saint services, you have to be a registered user. Since Credit Saint Credit Saint has an online presence for registration, you can visit the company’s website and click on the get started button.


Once you have clicked the button, you will be required to fill in your details. After filling in and submitting your personal details, you would be required to verify your email, which helps keep away fraudsters and bots. This verification would require you to submit proof of identification and credit card.

Book A Free Consultation

After your account creation and verification, the company offers you a free credit evaluation with its in-house financial advisors. The purpose of the consultation with the financial advisors is to help you understand how the process works and to inform you on which negative items you should get rid of from your credit history.

The financial advisors will ensure that they have taken you through all the negative items in your credit history and then perform a credit analysis. The financial advisors would then advise you on the best way to remove the negative items from your credit history while informing you which plan is best for you.

Choosing A Plan

After the consultation, it’s up to you to decide which plan best suits your needs. Credit Saint offers three plans: the polish plan, and the remodel plan and the clean slate plan. The pricing of these plans ranges from $79.99 to $119.999.

The polish plan

This is the cheapest plan on offer by the company. It’s the recommended option for anyone looking for a soft clean of their credit history. With this plan, you can access toll-free customer support and the online portal.

Services offered in this plan include:

  • A credit score tracker.
  • Identity theft repair.
  • Debt validation.
  • Creditor intervention.
  • Challenges to the 3 major credit reporting bureaus.
  • Credit score analysis.

Also, with this plan, you can challenge up to 5 inaccurate pieces of credit data with each cycle. The fees for this plan are $99.00 initial fee and a monthly charge of $79.99.

The credit remodel plan

This plan is an improvement of the polish plan since it comes with all its benefits but is more aggressive about having the negative items cleared from your report. With this plan, you also receive toll-free customer support and increased information requests.

Services offered by this plan include:

  • An Experian monitoring tracker.
  • A credit score tracker.
  • Challenges to the 3 major credit reporting bureaus.
  • A credit score analysis.
  • Inquiry targeting.
  • Identity theft repair.
  • Creditor intervention.
  • Debt validation.

The plan also offers you 10 challenges to inaccurate pieces of credit data per cycle. The fee for this plan is $99.00 initial work fee inclusive of tax, and a monthly charge of 99.99.

The clean slate plan

This is the firm’s most involved credit restoration plan. The services offered under this plan include:

  • Unlimited challenges to the 3 major credit reporting bureaus.
  • Experian monitoring service.
  • Debt validation.
  • Credit score analysis.
  • Inquiry targeting.
  • Credit score tracker.
  • Identity theft repair.
  • Escalated information requests.

Under this plan, the firm offers you unlimited challenges to inaccurate pieces of credit data per cycle. This plan includes an initial payment of $195 and a monthly fee of $199.99.

Removal Of the Negative Items

After you have picked out your preferable plan and made the payment, all you have to do is sit back and relax as you wait for the experts in the firm to fix your credit history. At this stage, the company will work with the three major credit bureaus to eliminate the negative items in your credit history.

Release Of the Credit Report

The process takes about 2 cycles, each lasting for 45 days. After the first cycle, the credit bureaus will generate an updated credit report which Credit Saint will use to create a progress report that will appear on your Credit Saint profile.

The next cycle begins immediately after the generation of the progress report, after which you are free to continue with your plan or cancel it. Though it is recommended, you wait till the end of the 2nd cycle to receive maximum benefits.

Pros And Cons of Using Credit Saint


  • Offers tailored credit repair solutions.
  • There is a guarantee of a 100% refund if no results are achieved, but you have to meet the following criteria: all payments made on time, no risky tradeline to your credit score during the repair period and the account should be active for the past 90 days.
  • Excellent service
  • Flexible plans


  • High initial work fees.
  • Not available in all states.

The reward of repairing your credit score using a credit repair firm is way higher than you doing it yourself. Don’t let a bad credit score limit you.


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