How To Get Rid Of Anal Fistula In A Week?

An anal fistula is an infected tunnel that develops between anus and the perianal skin. Generally, a person suffering from anal abscess earlier is diagnosed with fistula later. Other serious diseases like Crohn’s Disease, Cancer, Warts, Radiation, Trauma etc can lead to fistula. Also, an obese perosn who spends a lot of time sitting and lacks physical activities gets affetced by fistual at some point. Experts belive that the patients with perianal abscess are at a high risk of getting anal fistula. 

Patients suffering from anal fistula are advised to take adequate liquid, water and eat foods which are helathy and high in fiber. Doing so leads to the formation of soft stool, which prevents extra pressure during bowel movements. In case of suffering from this disease, passing hard stool can be very painful and difficult for you. You should maintain hygiene when you use washrooms. Unhygienic conditions can lead to more complications. There are various ways to treat fistula. But laser surgery is the only treatment method that can cure you from your disease completely in just a week.  

Treatment Of Anal Fistula 

The early stages of fistula can be treated with medication. However, in serious stages of this disease, the doctor first recommends tests such as MRI, Endoscopy, Ultrasound or Fistulagraphy to understand the disease, its symptoms and severity. After that, you have several options for surgical removal of fistula. This includes Fistulotomy, Advanced Rectal Flap, Ligation of Intersphincteric Fistula Tract (LIFT), Seton Placement, Muscle Flap and Laser Surgery etc. 

However, among them, laser surgery is considered as the safest, easiest and quickest cure for fistula. The laser treatment is the permanent solution of fistula. It is a painless procedure and takes around 30-40 minutes for the treatment. You can go home the same day post your surgery. The surgery involves no cuts or incision. Hence, there is no chance of wound, scar or infection. This modern treatment has brought an easy and pain-free cure for fistula. you get instant relief from this surgery. 

Laser surgery for fistula gained popularity due its effectiveness and various benefits. To perform the surgery, the doctor inserts a precise amount of energy to the fistula tract through a thin laser probe. After this, fistula tissues are destroyed. Then the laser probe is pulled back closing the fistula tract. Healthy tissues are left intact during the whole procedure. 

Recovery After Fistula Laser Surgery

Recovery after laser surgery for fistula is very quick and comfortable. Laser surgery is minimally invasive and a daycare procedure. You can go home the same day post your surgery. 

  • The recovery post surgery is short and comfortable. 
  • You should not do any strenuous activities that the doctor suggests.
  • You can resume your daily life activities 2-3 days after your surgery.
  • You should follow the diet chart given by your doctor for a few days. 
  • Within a week you will be absolutely fine. However, contact your doctor immediately if you experience something unusual.

Benefits Of Fistula Laser Surgery

It is important to understand that surgery is the only and best way to remove anal fistula completely. Treatment of fistula without surgery is usually not possible. Laser surgery is a USFDA approved treatment that can cure fistula effectively within a week. Below are the various benefits of fistula laser surgery. 

  • Minimally invasive
  • Daycare procedure
  • Same day discharge
  • Short and precise procedure
  • Painless & bloodless procedure
  • Zero percent chance of recurrence
  • No cuts, no wounds and no infection
  • Fastest healing than traditional surgeries
  • Quick recovery and back to normal routine
  • Almost no complications during or after the procedure

When To See The Doctor?

Post your surgery, when you reach home. You must follow post surgery instructions given by your doctor. Whether it is diet or exercise, following all the instructions help in recovering quickly. After surgery, if you notice any of following signs and symptoms, seek proper medical advice as soon as possible. 

  • Pain 
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Inflammation
  • Lack of bowel control
  • Redness in anal region
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Swelling of lymph nodes in the groin

The chances of experiencing these symptoms are rare post your fistula laser surgery. However, if you observe any, do contact your doctor. 

Take Away

Blood, pain, irritation, swelling, redness, soreness and puss discharge around the anal region are the main symptoms of anorectal diseases. Inactive lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and insufficient intake of fluid have drastically increased the cases of anorectal diseases. If you notice any symptom or are suffering from fistula, talk to your doctor before taking any medication or try home remedies. 

Fistula should not be ignored. Because such diseases can lead to life threatening diseases such as cancer. Consult a doctor as soon as you observe any symptom of fistula. Laser surgery can provide super quick relief from the fistula. Your surgery will be done in less than an hour and you will be completely fit and fine in a week. Waste no more time, get the best treatment and give yourself a healthy life.