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How to Get Free Kindle Books with Your Library Card

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How to Get Free Kindle Books with Your Library Card

you have always wanted read infinite frivolity, and now you finally have enough time to read all 1,079 pages. Sure, you can take it from a local bookseller, or order it on Amazon. But you may be able to read a digital copy for free by borrowing it from your local library. With a library card, an Internet connection, and an e-book reader, you can start reading the novel immediately without having to leave home.

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Get carded

First, you’ll need a library card. If you don’t have one yet, visit your local branch to get one. Some libraries will give you a card without having to show up. But check your local branch’s website to see if you can get an e-card issued online.

Get an app

Use your credentials to access your library’s e-book collection. Many libraries use libby, a cross-platform service that allows you to borrow digital versions of millions of e-books and audiobooks and send them to your Kindle or Kobo e-book reader. You can scroll through the Libby catalog in your browser or download the app (Android either iOS) to browse the selections on your phone. Most of the books you see listed are available immediately. Once you find the book you want, you should be able to click a button, check out the title, and send it to your Kindle or other e-book reader.

Other libraries use rampage, which is a good option if you have an Amazon Fire tablet. You can’t send library books to a Kindle E Ink using Hoopla, but you can download them The Hoopla app to a Fire tablet and read the book within the app on that tablet.

Browse the shelves

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to set up an account and connect it to your library card.

Some books, especially new releases or popular titles, will display a wait time and give you the option to get on the waiting list to borrow it. You may even have to wait a few weeks or months to borrow a bestseller or ever-popular title. This is because libraries do not have access to unlimited copies of digital books; They only buy as many digital copies as they can afford, so they end up with a finite amount to go around. The more popular a book is, the rarer those digital copies become.

So relax and grab a spot in line. At Libby, once you request a loan, the app will send you an alert once the book is available for you to check out. You can also check the app periodically to see the current wait time as copies are returned to the library and the line shortens.


There are a few ways to read your borrowed book. You can read the book directly in the Libby or Hoopla app, but the best way to read it is to send it to your Kindle device. We find a dedicated e-book reader to be a more enjoyable and less distracting experience.

Setting up a Kindle to accept borrowed books isn’t difficult. Within the Libby app, tap the Actions menu at the top of the screen. Find the “Read Books With” menu item and then select Kindle. The app will guide you through the process of linking your Libby account to your Amazon account.

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