How to Get Approved To Sell On Walmart Marketplace

Over the last decade, Walmart Marketplace has grown a lot and become one giant shopping platform. As a result, Walmart Marketplace has a massive audience with almost 120 million active visitors per month. Joining this community is a fantastic way to broaden your reach and increase sales while running your eCommerce business. 

Before entering Walmart Marketplace, you should match Walmart criteria then get approval with a concrete procedure. 

Criterias for sellers

Walmart is mainly focused on customer satisfaction and high-level service. If you think about applying to Walmart Marketplace, remember that this is one of the first essential criteria to start a partnership with sellers. 

Here are also some criteria to consider before getting started selling on Walmart Marketplace.

  • Being a proven experienced eCommerce seller
  • Track of excellent customer service
  • Having a wide range of competitive products
  • Adequate prices and service of shipping

You already know about the main vital criteria before entering into a great selling platform as a seller, so afterward, we’re going to introduce the procedure on how to get approved to sell on Walmart Marketplace. 

How to get approved on Walmart?

Walmart’s approval may seem overwhelming as many people think that it’s a complicated process. But if you have all the necessary documents (Business tax ID, addresses of business, details about products, etc.) gathered, the whole procedure will take around 10-15 minutes. So, besides having all the packages of documents, you also need to know about tips that will give you higher chances to get your approval from Walmart Marketplace. 

  • Follow the application process 

As we already mentioned, you need to gather some official documents for the application form to start. It’s the central part of the application process, so the application will be denied if one document is missing. 

Make sure to have the following documents, which are the formal and inseparable part of the application process:

  • U.S. business tax ID
  • Form W-9 
  • U.S. business address
  • U.S. warehouse address

After you’ve gathered all of the documents, check them carefully and double-check all of your company’s information, such as phone numbers, addresses, and names, which must be consistent throughout all forms of documentation. 

Any differences can cause approval or rejection to be delayed. Consider having your accountant carefully check your documents to ensure that they are accurate and in compliance with state and federal standards.

  • Have ecommerce experience

Walmart seeks and usually requires a professional market seller with experience and background in an eCommerce business. The more experienced the applicant is, the better results can be. And in the application form, there is a question about the experiences. 

Having an eCommerce experience will help you pass the application process, and, after entering the Walmart Marketplace, they will succeed and generate more sales due to experience. Additionally, make sure to focus on other strategies as well from accepting payments online to providing better customer experience. 

Also, remember that the positive feedback from your experience customers will also help you get a chance to get approved on selling on Walmart.

  • Make sure products fit Walmart assortment 

Before you apply for selling on Walmart Marketplace, make sure that your products fit with the Walmart other seller’s products and the whole assortment. The marketplace also appreciated unique products to differentiate those products from the other shopping platforms. 

As the competition on Walmart is high, every business tries to enter the market with something new and with unique products. But as there is already an assortment of products here, you need to match your products to their requirements, so it will interest customers more than unknown and not tested products. 

Besides that, it will be better if you have information about Walmart tax exempt beforehand. After being approved to sell on Walmart, you will already know how to use the exemption for automatic tax removal during checkout. 

  • Offer friendly prices

As Walmart’s slogan is “Save people money so they can live better,” consider that your product’s prices can’t be so high, as they will remove the products or even not accept to show in the marketplace if it has a too high price. 

Think about offering friendly prices to match Walmart’s price policy, so you can sell your products and have loyal customers who will come back to you every time. The prices also need to be appropriate in a specific range, so one’s price wouldn’t differentiate from another’s.


Walmart’s reputation has been created based on exceptional customer service and low-cost (but safe and high-quality) products. So it’s no wonder that Walmart Marketplace extensively checks its sellers and their products before allowing them to sell on their third-party platform. 

So before applying for selling on Walmart Marketplace, make sure that your products with their quality and prices match with the company’s criteria, gather all the documents needed, and apply to get your approval to sell on one of the top-selling marketplaces. 

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