How To Get Animal Crossing Bells, Nook Miles Tickets & Items For Free Easily & Fast?

In 2020, when the pandemic raged around the world, Animal Crossing became the most popular casual game to help people pull away from tough real life. Free and infinite creativity enables countless players to achieve the ideal of sky-high, based on the game mechanism built from items, bells and Nook Miles Ticket.

Main Items You Needed To Start Your Life In Animal Crossing New Horizons 

You are free to do what you want on your island of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Most of the activities you choose will then allow you to collect enough Nook Miles or bells. Your main goal? Pay off Tom Nook’s various loans to expand your buildings over and over again, and build up your dreamy town with more and more furniture and items! So that, for the perfect island experience, the below three type of things are most needed:

ACNH Bells – In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the most important are the bells, internal currency of the game. They will not only allow you to buy yourself pretty items at the Tom Nook store, but also to proudly increase the size of your house to to turn it into a gigantic palace. You can sell any items (bugs, fishes, fruits, materials, crafted items), plant bell trees, struck lucky money rock or shoot balloon gifts for earn bells in-game.

ACNH Items – A variety of items such as furniture, floors, wallpaper, and decorations give players unlimited possibilities to create their favorite style of island and room. To match a theme, you would need a set of furniture and items to complete your design. Most of the ACNH items can be obtained by crafting or completing certain tasks in a limited time. So that, you have to spend a lot of time on collecting DIY Recipes for crafting or taking part in seasonal events. And remember that, most of special themed furniture sets are available for collecting in-game in a limited seasonal time, so if you miss the right time you have to wait until next year.

ACNH Nook Miles TicketsNook Miles Tickets have become the de-facto tender for all types of Animal Crossing trades, purchases, and services. If you’re visiting mystery island for collect materials, or trying to get a villager onto your island, you can expect to cough up some NMT. The only way you obtain the Nook Miles Tickets in the game is redeem each one with 2,000 Nook Miles from the Nook Stop at Resident Services! You’ll earn Nook Miles passively just by living your island life and doing things like catching bugs and fish, crafting tools, and talking to villagers. Once you unlock Nook Miles+, which you’ll do as soon as you give Nook your first 5,000 Miles to settle your Getaway Package debt, you’ll be able to earn Nook Miles more steadily by completing a list of never ending tasks. 

As mentioned above, it is inevitable to spend time and effort in collecting items, bells, and NMTs to have a happy time in ACNH, build your ideal town. If you want to ask how to get items quickly or how you can get them easily and free of charge? Here we find ways for you:

How To Get ACNH Items, Bells, Nook Miles Tickets Fast & Easily?

Buy ACNH Items With Cash From Reliable Store – Surely, if you are tired of collect items in-game by yourself, the fastest and easiest way is to buy Animal Crossing Items, Bells, NMT from a reliable store like AKRPG.COM! With 10 dollar, you could complete a set of furniture for your design. You can buy nearly all the items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, except those that can’t be dropped, like fish and bugs. Anything you can pick up, drop, or plant, can be swapped with other players. This includes furniture, clothes, materials, flowers, and DIY recipes. You can also buy Animal Crossing bells or Nook Miles Tickets on these sites.

Trade ACNH Items With Other Players on, Discord, Social media, Reddit – Here you can buy household goods, clothing or DIY recipes from other players that you could not get hold of in the game. Of course you can also offer your own sorted items. What you want for it is up to you. However, you can only pay with in-game items such as Nook Miles Tickets, Recipes or Bells. 

How To Get Free Animal Crossing Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, Items Fast & Easily?

Yes, in Animal Crossing New Horizons are available to collect for free, you don’t need to spend real money. While here we are talking about the way you can get the ACNH bells, NMT or items without spending any single penny on online store or spending your game time on collecting in-game:

Join giveaways from the professional Animal Crossing item online store AKRPG.COM – check out more details on their post about how to get free ACNH Nook Miles Ticket, Bells, Items to get know more details of the giveaway, 100% free to all player!

Join giveaways from posters on Twitter, Youtube or Instagram, sometimes they will give out free items, bells, and nook miles tickets for attracting more viewers.