How to get a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card

Life has become much easier than before because of the digital facilities we are having from past years. One of the greatest aids the internet era has provided is online shopping and transaction ease through online payment methods like credit card or debit cards. Although it is the fastest and convenient option while making online purchases unless the website is untrustworthy. It can lead to unwanted online fraud and theft of personal details. Now here our revolutionary product which is Virtual Prepaid Credit Card plays an amazing role in safeguarding you from online treachery. To know more stick to it till the end.            

About Virtual Prepaid Credit Card

Well, you can say that Virtual Prepaid Credit Card is just an online version of psychical credit cards or debit cards. As, it works exactly the same while providing you 16 digit card number, expiry date, and CVV. It offers a safer and secure option without revealing your actual card details hence meant to be lesser the possibilities of online forgery. Moreover, there is zero possibility of getting your bank accounts hacking as the credit card details are temporary. And it is valid for one-time use only. On the whole, it is a guarded and reliable source of payment and transaction. 

What are the features?

  • Highly secure: Virtual Prepaid Credit Card is a one-time card that provides temporary card details like the original credit cards. Further, it stops the fraudsters to use the card details for future transactions in case the website gets hacked or anyone else got the details. Hence, it decreases the chances of divulging your original credit card details. 
  • Anonymous identity:  Another amazing feature of Virtual Prepaid Credit Card is that it does not ask for any verification process or any other personal details from its customers. Furthermore, you can pay anonymously while using Virtual Credit Card as you can use any name address. Plus, it also provides you with the US billing address. 
  • Comfort: With high-level security, the card is pretty flexible and easy to use. In case your transaction has failed, the amount will be refunded into your card within a few hours. 
  • Global acceptance: There are various secure payment methods that are promising but what is the use if you cannot benefit from them when you are in need. Sometimes, you cannot use a single credit card for multiple transactions and payments. Obviously, No one has credit cards in bulk. It is where Virtual Prepaid Credit Card will help you make the fastest payment while providing you temporary card number without revealing your actual identity. Therefore, you can utilize it anywhere around the world digitally. Big tech giants like Google, Amazon Prime, Apple, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, PayPal, etc it is acceptable everywhere. 

How to get a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card?

Well getting a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card is as easy as subscribing to Netflix. The website is offering you safe and secure Virtual Prepaid Credit Card. Below is a simple step by step process to get a card for yourself. 

  • Go to the website and then click on shop from the menu. 
  • Now choose the desired card for yourself. Yes, there are plenty of varieties for you. 
  • Thereupon, select the card balance, however for some cards balance is already selected. 
  • Next, just add the card to your cart. 
  • Make a payment through PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money or Bitcoin. Whatever option suits you. 
  • As soon as the payment will be received, we will process a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card for you.

And there you have it your card delivered on to your Email within 6 to 8 hours. Woo hoo! Now you are all set to use your Virtual Prepaid Credit Card for shopping and transactions. 

Why you should prefer it?

Now you know how to get a card for yourself so, you will be thinking why you should prefer this credit card over your traditional plastic credit card. As we all know that in this digital world everything is on our fingertips. Same as your money is also on someone’s fingertips to get wiped off from your account. So why not use an option which provides next level secure payment while helping you escape from revealing your original bank details. Here I suggest you use a Virtual Prepaid Credit Card which is the comfortable and fastest way of an online transaction. And why not, this card facilitates you with zero chances of getting cheated, easy to use, and which is globally accepted fulfilling all the requirements of documentation. 


You are smart when it comes to earning money; it becomes crucial when keeping it safe from fraudulent actions. Undoubtedly all the online methods of payment have our made transactions faster and safer. But every benefit comes with its disadvantages as digital forgery is becoming more powerful through high level of hacking. Hence, you need to be clever when safeguarding your money. 

This is why you should consider the Importance of using Virtual Prepaid Credit Card and know how you can make safe transactions