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HOW TO DRY LAUNDRY FASTER WITHOUT A DRYER: Moms care about the best cleaning method ever

Moms rave about the ‘cool’ but simple washer trick to dry your clothes in half the time: ‘This is the best hack ever’

  • Fans of the cleaning say it runs the laundry on an extra spin cycle
  • The trick is to make laundry dry much faster
  • They also recommended a scoop of Lectric Washing Soda

Smart moms have discovered a useful hack that will dry clothes super fast and make your clothes sparkling clean.

They claim that running a load of laundry through an additional spin cycle gets rid of excess water and “cuts drying time in half.”

Cleaning gurus also said that adding a scoop of Lectric Washing Soda to each load will remove stains and leave laundry feeling fresh because it seems to “soften hard water.”

Moms rave about the helpful tricks on the internet, and while some swear by the extra spin, others have blasted the “waste electricity” tip.

Many said the extra spin cycle is especially useful in the winter months and during wet weather when laundry can take ‘days’ to dry.

One mom shared her “best hack she learned” that will get your laundry dry in half the time. She said to put the laundry through an extra spin cycle to get rid of the excess water

“Not sure who first posted/commented about running your laundry through another spin cycle after washing, but it’s the best hack I’ve learned from this page so far!!” Melbourne mum said in Mothers who clean Facebook group.

“Also, adding a scoop of Lectric Washing Soda to every load and my clothes have NEVER looked better!!”

Dozens of group members were quick to agree on two “awesome” tips and said the drying hack was the “best” cleaning tip they’d received.

“Yeah I do this after every wash it makes them dry so much faster!” One mother replied.

Agreed! I also run a spin cycle after washing and cut my drying time in half. One of the best tips I have received from this page! another said.

I saw this tip posted and started doing it a few months ago. “It’s amazing, it dries faster on the line and in the dryer,” wrote a third.

She also said that using a scoop of Lectric Washing Soda in each load of laundry softens hard water and removes tough stains.

She also said that using a scoop of Lectric Washing Soda in each load of laundry softens hard water and removes tough stains.

‘Bloody gorgeous I did this today as we have a precipitation forecast tomorrow.’ A fourth added that everything dries up by lunchtime.

Not everyone was convinced the trick was effective, with one woman saying it was a “waste of electricity”.

Another claimed that spinning made clothes more wrinkled, but one suggested “shaking everything well” before hanging it.

I always had to do that. ‘We don’t have a hair dryer, so laundry has to dry on indoor drying racks during the winter,’ said one user.

If I don’t run them through a second spin in the winter, they take a couple of days to dry and end up smelling awful damp. I hate wasting electricity but I don’t have space to dry hair.

Some were curious about what Lectric Washing Soda, which can be found in most supermarkets, does for laundry and many responded saying it softens water and removes stains.

Lectric Washing Soda can be used to reduce limescale in hard water and is known for its ability to dissolve grease and heavy stains on cotton and linen.