How to Do Well for Your Studies

To do well for your studies, it is important to be organised with your work and know what you are going to do for the week. Having a day to day plan will allow you to know the objectives to complete for the day while the weekly plan provides an overview for the week. To stay focused, avoid multitasking as you will get distracted and not be able to do one thing well. Instead, focus on one task and do it well until you complete the objectives for the task. Seek help. Tutors such as Ingel can allow you to master any subjects in a short period of time.Use divide and conquer. Sitting through a long study session is fruitful if there is no distraction. But if you are forcing yourself to drown in the school materials in a marathon manner will make it less ideal and desired. Instead, it is preferred for you to break into different parts and provide incentives for yourself when you finish a certain chunk to make studying more rewarding. Something most students fail to consider is the need for sleep. It is extremely important to have sufficient sleep so that you can have a functional brain. Sleep insufficiency will lead to deterioration of brain processing power, and result in under desirable downsides. Also, it is important to have a study routine, to make sure that your body is accustomed to it. Having a regular routine allows your brain to function in a proper manner. It is important for your to take notes. Taking proper notes help you to keep engaged and motivated during class. It will also help you to narrow down on what you need to study for your exams. Having a summary helps you to stay focused and know what to zoom in, rather than to reread your school materials. Keep focus on your study pace. Take note of where you are heading and also ensure you have a proper study environment. Look for places that are far from the television or entertainment systems. Put away your mobile phone and Nintendo Switch so that you do not have the temptation to engage them. Places such as the national library or your desk will be ideal. Studying on your bed is a big no-no since it is likely you will doze off in bed. Do review your study notes in bit sizes and also try to memorise them. Most importantly, do not cram and wait until the last minute to complete your tutorials and assignments.

Have friends to study together, so that you can motivate one another. Having friends can allow you to consult one another, and quiz each other. After all, you are also learning when you are teaching and it is the best form of learning. But if friends are a distraction, it is always better to study alone. If you are in school, do not be afraid to ask questions. Teachers are there to guide you, not to mock you. Asking questions will allow you to clarify more about your doubts, and allows you to understand the material better.

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Ingel Soong is a supertutor for JC H2 Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics (IP, O Level and IB available). He also teaches polytechnic students over a range of modules, such as statistics, programming, finance, marketing, engineering and more.