How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

The summertime can be a great way to spend time with your friends and family outside. What about when you’re cooking though? Families have often had days where they’ve grilled in their backyard, but some families want to step up how much cooking they do outside. Take a look at these steps you can take to make the perfect outdoor kitchen.




The sun can be great when you want to stay warm outside. It could cause issues though when you’re trying to cook food and you can’t see exactly what you’re doing, or you end up getting too hot.


Putting up some form of shade over your outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to get rid of this issue. You may want to go with some type of permanent shade made out of brick or wood if you always worry about the sun, or go with a temporary tarp for times you want to take down your shade.


No matter which method you pick, having shade over your outdoor kitchen is a must.


Food Prep


Depending on how many people you have over, it might take a while to prepare your food. You’ll also want to worry about how much space you have.


To build the right food preparation station, you’ll want to think about the countertops. It can be a good idea to go with wood for instance as it can be a great material to cut food on, and clean up after you’re doing using it. Some like to go with a more metal surface as it can be easier to clean up, but metal can get pretty hot if you have it underneath the sun.


Along with countertop materials, you’ll have to think about what you’re using to prepare your food. Consider putting in a utensil drawer in your preparation station so cooks don’t need to come inside and back to get the tools they need.


Make sure that you get the right food preparation station in your outdoor kitchen if you plan on having a lot of people over.




As you cook your food, you’ll want to wash off your various utensils to make it easier to cook more. A sink is practically necessary when you’re looking to quickly clean your utensils.


To find the right sink, you’ll first make sure you find the right material. You’ll likely want to find a smooth metal as it can be super easy to clean anything off the sink. You’ll then want to find the right size sink as it can quickly fill up with utensils and plates as you finish up your cooking.


If you want a comprehensive outdoor kitchen, make sure you think about the sink.




Whether you’re looking to store meat or cold drinks, having a fridge is a great idea for your outdoor kitchen. You can find different types of outdoor fridges depending on what kind of outdoor space you’re using.


For those living in a cooler environment, think about using a glass door fridge. These types of fridges make it so that everyone can see what drinks and other materials are in the fridge without having to open it.


However, those not living somewhere cold should think about a more traditional fridge. The reason for this is that glass fridges can take a lot more power to cool as the sun can come in glaring through the fridge window if positioned incorrectly.


Make sure you find the right outdoor fridge for your outdoor kitchen before you go on and start working on it.