How To Convert YouTube To Mp3 Files Easily

Converting YouTube videos to MP3 and downloading the video is what we will discuss in this article. Many internet users who have one or two uses for YouTube videos have been complaining on how they are finding it difficult to convert YouTube videos to their favorite format.


The fact is that Converting YouTube videos to MP3 needs some form of enlightment because you cannot just log into YouTube and start converting and downloading any video you see. If that is your thought, that will probably be the reason why you have not been able to convert YouTube videos. 

Taking your time to read this article is what you need to start converting YouTube videos to MP3. 

  • Ontiva YouTube MP3 Converter

A converter you can rely on to help you convert your YouTube videos converted to MP3 is Ontiva YouTube Converter. It has the speed required for converting videos. It is one of the fastest converters you can find anywhere in the world. Another thing that defines a converter is its graphical interface. The graphical interface of Ontiva youtube to mp3 converter is unique. Everything Ontiva YouTube Converter offers is wells spelled out on the website. Also, you have the opportunity of selecting a variety of languages ranging from English, French, Turkish, and a whole lot of others. Registration is not required if you want to convert your YouTube videos. Lastly, it is free for everyone, and you are not restricted to a certain number of conversion, whether daily or monthly. 

To start your conversion of YouTube videos with Ontiva MP3 Converter, visit YouTube and search for the video you want to convert. If you eventually find the video, copy the URL link. The copied URL link will be pasted into the Search box you will see immediately you open the Ontiva YouTube MP3 website. After pasting it, you are required to select the MP3 format form the lists of formats. Then close to the search box, you will see the ‘Convert’ button. Click on it and wait for a few seconds for your video to be converted. As soon as it is converted, you can now click on the ‘Download’ button and select a destination folder on your smartphone or laptop where the video will be saved.

  • Any Video MP3 Converter 

The name of the converter itself suggests it can convert any video. Any Video Converter is a speedy video converter. Asides from being fast, it is also very easy to use. The graphical interface is well designed and free form advertisements that can frustrate internet users. Registration is not a compulsory requirement for converting videos with Any Video Converter. Also, it is free and available to use for internet users. 

Anyone that wants to use Any Video Converter to convert and download YouTube video should use the same template we explained in the case of converting and downloading with Ontiva MP3 Converter.

  • Freemake YouTube MP3 Converter

A very popular brand that is used by close to 100 million people worldwide. Freemake YouTube mp4 to mp3 Converter is one of the best in the business of converting. The speed of conversion is extremely fast. No form of registration is required to use Freemake YouTube Converter for converting videos. It has a nice graphical user interface, and it is free to use.

When you want to convert and download your YouTube videos with Freemake YouTube Converter, go to YouTube and search for the video you want to convert. When you find the video, copy the Uniform Resource Locator of the video popularly known as URL. When you copy it, you can return to the website of Freemake YouTube Converter and paste the URL link you have copied from YouTube. The next thing after pasting the link is to select the MP3 format as your preferred format. When you have successfully carried out all the mentioned steps, then you can now click on the ‘Convert’ button. Give the converter some few seconds to convert your video. If finally converted, locate the ‘Download’ button and choose a folder where you want the video to be saved to for complete download of the video to your smartphone or laptop.

  • Y2MATE YouTube Mp3 Converter

Y2MATE YouTube Converter is an online YouTube Converter that is very functional and effective when it comes to converting YouTube videos. It is very fast when converting YouTube videos. It does not require the user to register before he or she can convert YouTube videos. Y2MATE is free and always available any day and anytime for internet users without any restriction to the number or size of videos. To convert youtube mp3 downloader with Y2MATE YouTube Converter, follow the same procedures we explained about converting with Freemake YouTube Converter.