How to connect your Fitbit app with your Apple Watch

Technical companies will usually do their best to prevent customers from using their equipment with the software of a competing company. Let's face it, you probably won't use iMessage on an Android phone soon. But sometimes you can work around these limitations. If you have recently purchased an Apple Watch but would like to use it with the Fitbit app, there is a way to do that, even though the ecosystems of both companies do not recognize the existence of both parties. It is difficult and complicated, but it works.


In this case, the Strava app acts as a friendly intermediary. everybody talk to Strava and Strava returns the favor. So if you want to get your Apple data in Fitbit, it must go through Strava. Here's how to proceed.

First you have to install Strava. If you are already using Strava or have read our article about syncing popular fitness apps with your Apple watch, you can proceed to the next section.

  • Download the Strava app.
  • Create a Strava account. The app will immediately invite you to record your activity, but instead of rushing to record, tap "Later" so that you can set up the app. Here you get the opportunity to follow athletes, connect your Facebook account and synchronize your contacts. You can also skip the whole thing.
  • You will then see the & # 39; Getting Started & # 39; screen where you connect your Apple Watch.
  • Tap "Connect a GPS watch or computer" and you will see a long list of supported devices. Tap & # 39; Apple Watch & # 39 ;.
  • Go past an interstitial page, agree to a code of conduct and give access to health-related data. Tap & # 39; Finish & # 39 ;.

Now you can set your Fitbit app to connect to your Apple Watch via Strava.

  • Log in to your Fitbit app. Tap the target & # 39; Account & # 39; in the top left corner of the app. Scroll down to the Discover section and tap "Compatible apps".
  • Scroll to and tap Strava.
  • Tap the & # 39; Download & # 39; button (although you have already set up Strava). The App Store is opened on the Strava download page; tap & # 39; Open & # 39 ;, because you have already installed it.
  • Tap Fitbit in the list of devices that appears. (Note that the Apple Watch does not appear in the list.) Then tap "Connect Fitbit." Enter your Fitbit account information.

Strava is now a channel between your Apple Watch and Fitbit and data must flow in both directions.

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