How to clean chainsaw air filter

Chainsaws are a lot like the culinary industry. They’re heavy-duty, durable, and more than capable of delivering amazing results for many hours in some adverse conditions. Chainsaws are versatile because they are incredibly powerful when used correctly, making them an extremely useful component of equipment that should never be overlooked!

According to many professionals, it is essential that if you are using a chainsaw regularly, you should get in the habit of cleaning your air filter after 5 hours of use.

A dirty air filter can cause a number of bad issues for an average chainsaw user, and the longer it goes neglected, the more likely it will stall altogether or run poorly. This article will specifically see how air filters are cleaned and commonly used products for this task.

How to clean chainsaw air filter

Just follow this step-by-step guide to clean the air filter properly.

Step 1:

As you know, there are different types of chainsaws, like gas chainsaws or electric chainsaws. There is also the power difference like 4 stroke chainsaws and 2 stroke chainsaws. All chainsaw designs vary, but there are some things you should look for throughout your search.

You’ll want to make sure the chain teeth are well-positioned, sharp, and clean. And remember – The air filter is typically located just above the bar and chain, although some models may have it located under the top handle instead.

This area will have slits in it to allow air to flow freely through the freezer compartment during its operations. Use the screwdriver, remove the screws from the cover of the refrigerator, and then place these screws to the side for later use. Gently lift the cover; this will reveal a series of chains inside chainsaws!

Step 2:

On the backside of the engine will be another cover. This is for the air filter that allows for clean air to get into your system and the fuel mixture to go out. To loosen the screws:

1. Use a socket wrench.

2. Be not apply too much pressure while you remove it, as you might hit something with your wrench and create cracks in the metal or covering of your hood.

3. So be attentive throughout this process, and once everyone is removed, lift off the cover and lay it aside. The air filter should lift up and out of place so you can replace it with a new filter.

Step 3:

This bucket is filled with warm water and soap as this will help you easily rinse the filter. Tap the air filter multiple times on a hard surface, creating some bubbles, which will make it easier to wash away dust and debris from inside.

Be careful not to tap the actual filter, however, as this could damage it, but while tapping, keep time to see if you have removed any dirt. To clean your wet filter, you’ll need to use a bucket of water and soap with some dish brush will do.

With the hot tap water running over your filter, swish it around in the solution gently using your hands to rub away dirt from the walls of the filter. Let it rest at the bottom of your bucket for a few moments before lifting it out, rinsing, and repeating.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the filter with hot water, could you place it in cold water? Use small, circular movements to swirl the filter around in the water a few times, then rest it on top of some paper towels to air dry.

Soap residue is less likely to adhere to filters that are soaked after washing, so this method helps your dishwasher run more effectively and efficiently by rinsing out all traces of soap. In addition to preventing unwanted smells and tastes from building up within your machine, clean filters also help extend its life.


In order to avoid abrasive dirt from building up on the surface of your air filter and harming its functionality, you should frequently maintain it by cleaning the outside. Start by placing the cover in a bowl of hot water. Add detergent for dishes or laundry and scrub away any visible marks. Once clean, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Step 5:

Replacing a chainsaw filter and the cover is easy. First, make sure it is dry. Then you can replace the air filter body and cover. Remember not to tighten them too much, or else they will rip out of your chainsaw.


Can you clean the chainsaw fuel filer?

Sometimes, a can of chainsaw fuel isn’t enough. Especially when you have to cut up a ton of trees or something. You have to ensure you don’t go through the whole thing so it doesn’t get wasted!

To do this, most people put the chainsaw filter in a bucket and run it with some fuel in there, then eventually out of combat or something. This will make your chainsaw last a bit longer since you won’t be using all of your fuel before having to get more!

Do all chainsaws have air filters?

Most models of chain saws have their filters located beneath the unit, so you may need to turn the chainsaw quarter circles to get at them. Once you’ve done this, if there is a cover over the filter casing that needs to be removed, use your screwdriver or a standard one to do so.

When should you change my chainsaw air filter?

It’s recommended to replace the chainsaw’s air filter at least once every year. It depends on how often you use the chainsaw and the amount of debris, especially if it’s wet, that you’re repeatedly cutting through. The more your saw runs, the more worn out it’ll become compared to when it was brand new.

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