How to Choose the Right Gun for You?

Being able to protect yourself and your family is one of the most important things you will ever need to be able to do. While a gun can be one of the best means of protection, it is important that you choose the best one for you. Here are some tips to help you know what to consider when shopping for a gun.


Know What You Need


Of course, you want a gun for protection; however, not every gun is suitable for your particular needs. If you are wanting a gun for your home or one to carry around when in public, this factor will greatly determine the type of firearm you should choose. For example, if you want a gun that you can have on your person, you should consider the size and weight when making your purchase.


Choosing a Gun for Carrying


If you are opting for a concealed weapon, the best type of gun for this particular instance would be one that is light in weight, small in size and has a short barrel. However, when you are considering the size of the gun, you must take into account the size of your hands as it is important that you be able to hold the gun comfortably.


Type of Handgun


Two of the most common types of guns to choose from are the revolver and the semi-automatic. The difference between the two weapons is the speed in which you are able to let off shots, the reliability as well as ease of operation. A revolver can be very easy to use as it only requires that you cock back the hammer before pulling the trigger. Although easy to operate, this particular gun can only hold a few rounds at a time and can be quite cumbersome to reload. However, unlike the revolver, a semi-automatic holds all of it’s rounds in a cartridge and can hold much more rounds and reload much faster.


Picking the Right Caliber


When selecting your gun’s caliber, you must take careful consideration as this will determine the amount of recoil or “kick back” that you experience as well as how well your gun operates. The higher the caliber your gun has, the more effective it will be; however, it will have more kick back as well. An increase in caliber also means that the size and weight of the gun will increase as well, so keep this in mind. If you want your shots to be more accurate, especially if you are a novice, you might want to consider choosing a firearm that is of a lesser caliber.


Test them Out


Most gun dealers have a firing range on the premises where you can actually test guns at no charge. One of the best ways to determine whether a gun is the right fit for you is for you to not only hold it but shoot it for yourself. Shooting off a few test rounds can allow you to get a good feel for the amount of recoil you might experience, how comfortable it is for you to hold, how quickly it shoots and more. You also want to consider how accurate your shot is with one gun versus another as this can be the difference between life and death in a defensive type of situation.


Of course, you want to consider your budget as well whenever you are choosing a gun for the first time. However, you must remember that you safety and the safety of your family is of the utmost importance; therefore, it is best to spend a little more if need be, so you can have the proper protection for you and yours.