How to Choose the Right Cigar for a Gift

Not sure what to buy a seasoned cigar lover or someone who is new to enjoying cigars? Holiday season is the perfect time to do a little research and find out what your cigar enthusiast is interested in. Is it the taste of the cigar? The smell? Or the overall look and texture of a specific cigar? No matter what time of the year it is, you can never go wrong with providing someone special with a cigar or multiple cigars as a valued gift.

One thing for sure is that once you understand the different levels, this can help you to finalize your gift selection of the perfect cigar. It is best to pay attention to what type of cigars your friend or loved one tend to smoke. Usually, once a cigar smoker finds a brand of cigar that they like, they will stick to it. This will make it easy to look into the brand a little further and find a cigar that he/she might not have tried yet, without going too far away from the brand type that they love.

Cigar Levels

Cigars range in taste levels of mild to medium to harsh or what’s considered to be the strongest tobacco taste. You can never go wrong with a medium cigar (shorter and thicker) as a gift for established cigar smokers. Thicker cigars provide a deeper flavor where experienced cigar smokers prefer the taste of full tobacco without any flavor. If your friend or loved one is into flavored cigars, coffee or alcohol flavored ones are considered a huge hit.

For a new cigar smoker, you would want to start with a mild cigar (usually longer and slimmer) and maybe provide a few options for them to try. Most women like flavored cigars which are becoming more and more popular amongst frequent cigar smokers as well. No matter your budget, you can find gift sets for cigar lovers of all tastes.


Visiting a local tobacconist or smoke shop is also a step you might want to take before purchasing a cigar as a gift. Here you can ask questions, look at different merchandise, smell and touch a variety of cigars, and even pre-purchase some cigars to try for yourself.

Cigars also have different tastes because of where they are produced in the world. The most known cigar is the “Cuban” cigar however, there are alternatives that are just as special. The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, and the United States all produce quality cigars.


Fine, handcrafted cigars vary in prices from $8 to upwards of $40-$50 each. Depending on the brand and location of where the cigar is from dictates how expensive a cigar is. Many cigar aficionados do not mind splurging on a fantastic cigar.

For beginners, many smokers suggest to start with any of these cigars as gifts:

  • Romeo Y Julieta Capulet
  • Oliva Connecticut Reserve
  • Acid
  • Rocky Patel American Market Selection
  • Perdomo Champagne
  • Larutan Natural Cigars By Drew Estate
  • Macanudo Cafe
  • Arturo Fuente

For seasoned cigar smokers, some suggestions of cigar gifts include:

  • Ashton
  • Arturo Fuente (medium to harsh taste)
  • Gurkha
  • La Aroma de Cuba
  • Padron
  • San Cristobal
  • Montecristo

Tobacco company gift certificates are also an option if you are absolutely stumped on what to get someone as a cigar gift. You can purchase them in store, online, and from cigar company websites wherever cigars are sold. The receiver will be able to make their own selection and browse through hundreds of cigars without having to pay for them out of pocket.