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How to choose the Drawstring Bag?

Recently we have seen some young boys wearing drawstring bags because they look cool and are also in trend nowadays. You should also have that drawstring bag but we know that you know nothing about it.

You are not alone there are many people like you but today we are going to tell you each and everything about it and after reading this article you will be able to choose the best Drawstring bag for yourself. So, just stick with us and keep reading!!!

But you might be confused that where to shop for the Drawstring bag so, we would recommend you to go for drawstring bags by Ecoduka. They have the best bags in town. Now let’s see how you can choose a Drawstring bag for you.

How to choose the Drawstring Bag?

1: Size

This is the first thing you need to consider what size of drawstring bag do you want? To find out this you have to know what things you have to put in there.

Once you know about the things now add some extra inches to that thing from up and down. Now you know what size of drawstring bag you want. Make sure you add some extra inches so; you can comfortably carry large things with you.

2: Length

If you go to the market, then you will see that most of the drawstring bags are of standard length. There are some people who need some specific length, so they need to cut the bag and do it manually from some manufacturer.

But if you want to know what length of the bag will be suitable for you then measure your torso length and then compare it with the length of your drawstring bag. Then you can shorten the length if you want to according to your comfort. We will highly recommend you get some other person to help you while measuring your torso length.

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3: Fabric

Now, this option is not for everyone because if you are going to the market to buy a ready-made drawstring bag then this is not you but if you are sewing your drawstring bag then you need to know the type of fabric.

There are many types of printed fabric and it depends from person to person what he likes but the three most common types of fabric are focal prints, blender prints, and neutrals these are the ones that I mostly go for.

How to Fix Drawstring bag?


Sometimes when you use the drawstring bag for a long time you will see that it might tear so, now what option do you have? Are you going to patch it? If yes? Then make sure you are using a durable fabric same print as the bag. It should be an inch larger than the patch. Now place it against the torn patch and stitch it around. Now your patch is filled and now you can use the bag as before.

If the drawstring of your bag is broken and you want to fix it then we are going to teach you that too.

  • Firstly, you need to buy a new string of the same material.
  • Cut the new string according to your length.
  • Attach a safety pin at the end.
  • It’s time to thread your safety pin through the hemline and restrung your bag.
  • Now the string is attached back to your Drawing bag.

How to Take Care of your Bag?


  • If your bag is made of Nylon or synthetic leather, then we would recommend you wash your bag with warm water.
  • Place your bag in the zipper closure bag while you wash it will increase the life of the strings.
  • Once it is washed now take out the zipper closure bag and put it in the dryer.
  • Now your bag is cleaned take it out of the zipper bag and let it stay in the air for some hours and it is ready to use again.


We hope that our article helps you to choose a bag and now you can easily choose the best drawstring bag for you!!!