How to Choose the Best MMORPG 2022?

There are countless online role-playing games on the market, each of which has its ideas and concepts to attract players’ favor. Choosing isn’t easy, which is why we’re here to help you decide by showing you the best MMORPGs of 2022. Anyone who chooses to play an online role-playing game must realize that these games are time-consuming and have to put in a lot of hard work to be successful. To see who joined the MMO! So that this connection doesn’t lead to frustration and pain, we’ve selected a series of unique online role-playing games and showcased their strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can see which game is suitable for which type of player.

How is the choice made?

We looked at several factors when making this list. First, we want to choose games that are still around and have new content regularly. Then we made sure to have different genres and settings, namely theme park MMORPGs, sandbox games, fantasy scenarios, and sci-fi settings.

Lost Ark

This will be the first game I’m going to play after release. Anyone who loves beautiful graphics loves building a presence in a fantasy world, and loves Action RPG should get Lost Ark. There is something to discover in every corner of the world, and those who enjoy trekking in open worlds will be able to immerse themselves in the game world for a long time. It’s such a good story, great PVP, the best of all other MMORPGs. The late game’s variety, entertainment, and grim content allow you to keep going, unlike other games that force you only to play raids and dungeons—a massive world with lots of collectibles. Cool aesthetics.


+ Fantastic graphics

+ Extremely sophisticated character editor

+ Dynamic combat system with combos

+ complex gameplay

+ A sandbox with a trading and building system that depends on the player’s economy

+ Guilds compete for resources

+ Beautiful ocean


– The effort required to understand game mechanics

– Grind and travel long distances

– Weak story

– Pay2Win allegations

Is there a problem?

But be warned: this game is not suitable for players who are short on time or who like to “hand” from one mission to another. You have to have a little thirst for research and, above all, patience to enjoy Lost Ark.

Many mechanisms take time and effort to process. Some things are not best explained or immediately apparent.

Mode of operation:

The economic system is particularly prominent. Your character is also a resourceful trader, so you gain hubs and production facilities throughout the game world, expanding into trade and industrial networks.

This creates complex production chains, such as when a farmer grows potatoes for you, you process them into flour and then use them to make delicious food. Then the food, in turn, gives you a buff.

But for that, you get a lot of Lost Ark gold and can get rich, especially if you trade at sea on the open ocean.


Neverwinter is an action-packed online role-playing game set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. You can fight and carry out missions through fairly linear areas with it. You simultaneously choose one of 9 typical D&D courses. These include warriors, barbarians, rangers, priests and villains, and most recently, bards. Additionally, you’ll follow a complex story that unfolds further in a corresponding expansion process – called a module. These modules appear every few months and provide at least one new background and level. New classes and races are sometimes added.


+ Action combat system

+ Great emphasis on research and development

+ Regular content additions

+ Intuitive gameplay


– a bit outdated graphics

– mostly linear region

– The big focus for cash shops

Suitable for:

Neverwinter is the right MMO-PRG for all players looking for a rock-solid classic MMO regularly expanded with new content for no cost because Neverwinter is entirely Free2Play.

Almost every aspect of Dungeons & Dragons is present in the game. There is also a strong focus on D&D, especially the current 5th edition. In 2020, it went to hell with a longer story about Avernus, and the latest addon for January 2022 will take you to Dragonblight.

Is there a problem?

Yes, as a newly updated vehicle. Just kidding, Neverwinter is Free2Play. However, you are often told that you can also spend money on the game. There’s an in-game store where you can spend a relatively large amount of real money to buy items that help with game progression, in addition to cosmetics.

How to play Neverwinter:

Neverwinter is a pen and paper RPG-based game, but the combat system is fast and dynamic. Each class has a unique range of skills and thus can play a particular role on the battlefield.

The skills and combinations your heroes master are quick and easy, so even a grueling run-in with hordes of opponents is fun. So anyone who appreciates fast combat and recognizable classes will get their money’s worth here.

Neverwinter has been around for over eight years, and the richness of content is impressive. Twenty-two modules have been released since then, covering most of the D&D functionality. On average, a new module is launched every 3-4 months.

Final Fantasy XIV

Fans of the Final Fantasy series who want to get into MMORPGs. And generally also for classic MMORPG lovers who like to dive into Asian-style worlds, i.e., good guys who want an alternative to World of Warcraft in a different setting. FFXIV appeals to casual and hardcore gamers. Other players are also more than enough. And probably no other MMO has gotten so much content expansion in such a short amount of time.


+ Friendly and helpful community

+ Four expansions with tons of content for every type of player

+ The extensive and sophisticated crafting system

+ Regular content patches with new dungeons and raids

+ Exciting story, beautiful and touching cutscenes

+ You are free to decide your own game pace

+ Lots of Final Fantasy cameos and Easter eggs for fans of the series


– Some old game systems shortly after reboot are hard to see for beginners

– Sometimes strong instantiation

– Getting started is slow. Early games are not very exciting, and they need patience.

Is there a problem?

If you want a quick and easy way into an MMORPG, then FF14 might not be for you. The game starts very slowly and requires you to play through the entire story before getting to the endgame. Using three extensions can take a long time.

Also, FFXIV can only really play well in the first Heavensward expansion. Until then, however, it’s a long road that you’ll have to go through.

How to play FFXIV

The gameplay is based on the classic MMORPG battle system with a global cooldown. To experienced players, at low levels, it may seem challenging and sluggish, but don’t be fooled by it!

Thanks to category-specific resource bars and game mechanics, it shines with highly dynamic and complex rotations at the highest level.

EVE Online

EVE Online is a prime example of a working sandbox that works well after 17 years. In EVE Online, you use a sophisticated editor to build a beautiful character, but most of your time is spent controlling your spaceship. You will travel through a vast universe full of planets and other players with it. Almost everything in the game is in the players’ hands. Their guilds (companies) and the resulting alliances control much of the game world. Therefore, the player built almost all objects and ships in the game. Since subscription fees can also be paid for with game resources, playtime is an excellent value for money. Alternatively, you can play EVE Online for free on a limited basis.


+ Highly sophisticated sandbox

+ Players can develop freely

+ complex gameplay

+ Players decide politics and economics

+ epic space battle


– Graphics are no longer fresh.

– Major combat performance issues

– Very complicated, not easy for beginners

– Not suitable for leisure

This is how EVE Online plays:

As mentioned, in EVE Online, you are part of a large community. Only as part of a company, and with a lot of commitment, can games reach their full power. However, you can take part in epic battles that the world of EVE regularly witnesses.

Suitable for:

EVE Online is a festival for players who like absolute freedom in MMORPGs. No given missions and stories are telling you what to do.

Instead, you fly away on your ship and become a pirate, mercenary, resource collector, or whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. Join a company that helps shape the extraordinary politics of the galaxy.

Is there a problem?

EVE Online is a complex and sprawling game. This scares newcomers away at first, and without the help of experienced players, many young pilots immediately throw their spacesuits at the bottom again. Also, EVE Online takes a lot of time, and as a casual gamer, you can’t do it well.


TERA is a colorful action MMORPG from Bluehole, the studio most recently known for the battle royale game PUBG. But before shooter development, TERA was the studio’s primary focus. The highlight of TERA is the colorful graphics and remarkable characters – you can play as sexy demons, dragon creatures, and even cute hamsters and pandas – especially the incredible, dynamic combat system. In TERA, you need the skills and competencies of your chosen course. If an opponent attacks you, you must specifically avoid him or use skills to block or negate the attack. The same goes for tanks and healers. Tera is Free2Play, with an elite plan of around €15 a month and an in-game store.


+ Cool, active action combat system that rewards skills

+ Original class and competition

+ Fight epic battles with enormous bosses with fun mechanics

+ PvP Sieges and Battlegrounds


– Graphics are no longer fresh.

– Levels are not particularly exciting.

– Some classes are gender-locked only.

– Asian looks and sometimes incredibly sexy outfits aren’t for everyone.

How to play TERA:

At the heart of the game is the aforementioned dynamic combat system. Each of the 13 classes now has a unique weapon and skill set. Unlike classic MMORPGs with tab positioning, it’s not enough here to stubbornly cut off the spin on the keyboard and walk around a few red areas.

This, in turn, gives you unique playstyles and weapons based on class with which you can build devastating combos and counter-attacks. The combat system is a lot of fun, especially when it comes to fighting tricky dungeons and raid bosses, as well as the infamous BAMS (Big Ass Monsters).

You always have to aim precisely and use your skills tactically to create epic opponents in dungeons and raids. In PvP, among other things, enormous sieges are waiting for you, which are also necessary.

Suitable for:

Crazy ethnic groups and costumes with an Asian flair

Dynamic action combat system with skills and abilities as the key

Crazy giant monsters to be defeated in epic battles.

Is there a problem?

TERA was booming, especially in the final stages. The level stages of TERA are often described as tedious. Also, the missions are nothing special but standard fare.