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How to Choose a Moving Company for Relocation Within NYC

When you need to relocate from one property in New York City to another, it will require a lot of work, time, and effort. Moving is art for pros, so the first thing you need to do after making the decision is browsing local movers in NYC and finding the optimal one. Here is what you need to consider when choosing the moving company.


Browsing Through Sites

The first thing about a moving company that matters is whether it has its own website. Forget about Craigslist and local boards: the company needs its own site to be easily googled, to place its contact information, to detail its services, and – last but not least – to host a calculator that lets you precalculate the price.

Via these websites, you can select the companies that operate in your locations (both your current location and your destination), use the calculator, and check whether they offer certain services, like:

  •         Special packaging for fragile or expensive items;
  •         handling heavy or large items;
  •         working at the most suitable time for you;
  •         storage in an accessible location;
  •         insurance options that suit your requirements the most.

When you have found a mover that seems right, it’s time to check for reviews. It’s great if your friends have already hired this company and were satisfied (then, probably, you wouldn’t need to read this). If not, you can do research on reviews on third-party sites. As a result, you need to form a list of at least three companies you’d prefer.

  1. If the reviews on a certain site are all positive up to the sky, all written within a short period of time, all have similar grammar mistakes or no mistakes at all, and the same phrases catch your eye in reviews by different persons, these are probably fake. Try to compare them to reviews of another company on the same site, maybe rated a bit lower, to see if there’s a difference.

In-Person Estimation

After you have formed a list, you need to get a more detailed estimation, and this can only be done in person. On a firm’s website, you can leave a request or contact a manager to make an appointment. At the appointed time, the expert will see your home and point out the specifics of the future job. According to this, they will form a price.

Experts say about the rule of threes. It takes at least three independent experts to do an in-person survey, so you can choose between their offers. Don’t only look at the price. Some experts may notice what others miss. They also show their attitude and aptitude as they make conclusions about the things you already know. What treatment does your furniture need? How do you pack these musical instruments or hi-tech devices? And these antique statues? If they show their awareness about your stuff, they are the candidates.

Only after a number of surveys, you have enough information to decide. It’s the final stage: you need to see how companies plan and how they stick to their own plans. It’s not too late to cancel if you find out the moving has not begun in time.

The Conclusion

The mover of your dream should operate in your area, have fair good reviews, offer in-person surveys, and show their competence. It only makes sense to discuss the price after these qualities are shown. You are the one to rate them, and if they don’t fail you, you’ll recommend them to everyone in need.


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