How to Buy Your First Property


If you have just left your home and want to buy your own property, then there is a lot to learn before you actually get the keys of your first house, earlier people did not have the opportunity and facility of learning about these suggestions and tips, as there was not any internet, now being a responsible person you must try to read loads and loads before spending your money.

Buying property, in any part of the world from America to buying a property in the east such as Real estate in Thailand there are some facts and rules that would remain the same.

In this article, we would discuss those tips and suggestions, especially rot hose who are not bug enough to buy their own house, it is not to motivate them, they would always have this edge of smartness that they wrote this down on google and had this is their mind that they can get some help and guide from the google.

Keep one thin in mind, this is not a friendly deal buying house is a business deal for the seller, so you are not supposed to play as a sweet guy. Following the Standard operating points is essential along with this there are tens of things that are needed to be considered for a safe buying.


You cannot head out and buy a house even if you are filthy rich and your parents have given you a lot of money.

You must sit down with the people who would live with you in your house, discuss with them your idea of a new house and what would you pay for your new house.

Make a list of these things, so that when you go out to have a look at the houses for sale.

Do Not Make a Fool Out of You

You cannot even think that you will be saving your money while buying your house, in fact, you must make sure that your bank balance is more than needed.

While purchasing a new house, you would also need to pay a lot of people including the real estate agent or the lawyers, and for all this you need to have extra money.

So, you are not supposed to think it as an easy job, many people get stuck and lose the opportunity of buying a good house just because they have not got enough money.

Study the Rates

Even though you would be having some help from the real estate agent still you might need to know the rates at the state level, a tip is that you must not tell the agent that you already know the rates.

Thus, it would save you from any sort of fraud. You must make sure that you know all the basic details of the economy and real estate rise and fall. This would be difficult, but you can always take some guidance from your family and friends.

The Agent

While finding the agent you are supposed to keep in mind a lot of things, nowadays it is quite easy to read testimonials and reviews about some firm’s services so do not forget to have a look at that.

You must ask the real agent a few questions, this interview session will help you in gauging the capability and reliability of the real estate agent.

The Look

You must visit the house before finalizing the deal, without having a look at the house you should never say “Okay” to a deal, otherwise, you may get into hot waters afterward.