How To Buy Traditional Anniversary Gifts


Since the Middle Ages, couples have given each other wedding anniversary gifts. Anniversary gifts mark the passage of time. They are also an acknowledgement that your life has meaning for someone else. In a galaxy of endless stars and a planet of billions of people, it’s hard to feel important. Being in a relationship says that there is at least someone for whom your existence and the memory of you are important and cherished. Exchanging anniversary gifts is a reminder to your partner that they are not alone in life’s journey. That you see them, treasure their existence and will cherish their memory when they are gone. As time goes on, the value of wedding anniversary gifts increase. It’s easy to be together for a year, or a few months, but to stay together for years, maybe even decades, is a much harder task. That’s reflected in the gifts we give. The union and the commitment to treasure your spouse, grows more precious with each year. There are so many ways to celebrate an anniversary. There are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts according to milestones, then, there are more modern anniversary gifts for people who want to blow their spouse’s minds. In this article, we will discuss how you can buy traditional anniversary gifts. 


The first anniversary is commemorated by paper. The paper symbolizes the love story that the couple are yet to write. It’s a message to each partner that the journey has only begun. Another tradition in the first year is to eat the top tier of your, of course, once frozen wedding cake. That’s assuming you didn’t eat it all on the first day. 

Many people prefer to exchange clocks rather than paper. A clock symbolizes the passage of time and the flow of future time. 

Find a creative way to use paper in an anniversary gift. For instance, you could print out reservations for a romantic getaway. Or, you could give your spouse a journal to record the memories you’ll make together. 


Congratulations! You’ve made it to five years! You have grown as a couple, understand each other better, and have laid the foundations for a lasting marriage. Traditionally, this milestone is celebrated with wood. The modern iteration of this is to exchange sapphire jewelry and silverware. 

You could buy firewood at the Tradition Company and treat your spouse to a romantic, fireside dinner. 


Tin sounds pretty unromantic, doesn’t it?! The reason tin gifts are traditionally exchanged after a decade of marriage is because food and various items were often stored and preserved in tin. Tin symbolizes preservation and durability. After ten years, you have managed to preserve the precious love that first bound you together. 

Find a way to use tin creatively to give your spouse a gift they’ll truly appreciate. 


As we promised, the value of gifts increases with the passage of time. After fifteen years, couples traditionally exchange gifts made of crystal. Crystal symbolizes the crystal clear love that shines at this milestone. You know everything about each other and still you love each other. There are no secrets and this is what makes your marriage last. 

Celebrate with a bottle of champagne and some crystal glasses as you watch over some beautiful natural scenery. 

Learn more about traditional anniversary gifts and celebrate your love!