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How to beat the El Gigante giant boss in the Resident Evil 4 remake


After much prejudice, resident evil 4In the fourth chapter, Leon faces the Giant in a boss fight in the Quarry after much boating around the lake – and picking up the Red9 gun.

Us Resident Evil 4 remake Giant (El Gigante) boss fight guide will help you quickly defeat the Giant in the Quarry.

How to defeat the giant in the Resident Evil 4 remake

The only real trick in this fight is making sure you have enough ammo. During the battle, check the edges of the quarry and in the shacks the giant strikes at various crates, herbs and ammunition to resupply yourself.

Image: Capcom via Polygoon

During the fight, the giant will try to grab you or jump on you. Just pay attention to the dodge quick time event – press B/circle to (try to) dodge. We had a hard time with this because there is a delay between aiming and Leon responding to the dodge prompt. It’s not that bad though, as long as you have a knife. If you get grabbed, start stomping R2 to stab his hands and break free.

You can also run around him without too much effort – you can even run between his legs before he has a chance to grab you.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon focuses on the giant's head.  The giant doesn't seem happy to have been shot.

Image: Capcom via Polygoon

At the start of the battle (we’re hesitant to call it a “Phase 1”), your goal is to deal enough damage to make the giant’s parasitic tentacle pop out. Damage is damage here, but he really seems to hate getting shot in the head (recognizable). If at any point the tentacle retreats, simply return your attention to its head.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon targets a tentacle erupting from the giant's back.

Image: Capcom via Polygoon

Once the tentacle pops out, that’s your new target. It’s harder to hit, especially with the Red9’s low accuracy, but it’s the quickest way to end this fight.

Resident Evil 4 remakes the wolf that Leon rescued earlier and came to help in the mammoth fight.

The best boy.
Image: Capcom via Polygoon

After fighting for a while, the wolf you rescued from the trap in Chapter 3 will come to your rescue. They help distract the giant so you can collect ammunition and deal more damage.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon runs towards a downed El Gigante with a melee prompt above his tentacle.

Image: Capcom via Polygoon

From time to time, the giant will fall forward, exposing the tentacle on its back. You get one melee prompt, so get close to activate it. When you climb onto his back, just push the right trigger until you jump off. At that point, just start the process again.

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