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How to Be More Fashionable – 11 Tips for Women

Many mistakenly believe that knowing how to be more fashionable involves buying expensive things, jumping on the most remarkable trends, or adopting styles that take too much time to put together.

Not everyone has the time, bank account, or patience for all that. Remember that a stylish woman can still look gorgeous by loosely tucking in her shirt or by grabbing a cute pair of sunglasses.

Adding more layers to your look is one of the best fashion tips out there. If you are concerned about not looking your best, here are the 11 top fashion tips you need.


1. How to Be More Fashionable Colorfully

Color coordination is the holy grail of bringing fashion to life. Remember that you do not need to always blend in with everyone with the same patterns. The right color combinations can bring out your personality and show everyone what you are made of.

The best thing to do is to choose two or three colors. Then you can base your entire outfit around these.

For instance, try to pair off-white and green one day and then pick accessories and clothes that match those colors. You can also bring out the best colors with your makeup.

No matter which color schemes you select, you can always look stunningly pulled together because colors will elevate your happiness. Never be afraid to combine pastels, neutrals, neon. This will help you stand proud no matter what.

2. Mix Textures

No rule says you need to only pick one fabric for your entire outfit. You can also play around with silk, leather, suede, or ribbed knit. This will make you look incredibly chic, especially if you pick some bold colors.

Otherwise, you can keep them all the same shade. This will help make your texture mixes look and feel more subtle.

3. Adopt Matching Sets

If you want to look chic to feel like a million bucks on a sunny day, throwing on a coordinated two-piece pantsuit can do the trick. Alternatively, you can also look into getting a skirt suit, sweatsuit, or a knit set.

All of these will instantly make you look more fashionable. Everybody will notice the effort you have made to improve your appearance. This will make planning outfits easier.

All you need to do next is pick out accessories and shoes to complete your dashing look.

4. Blazer and Tees

Nothing says smart casual more than a luxe blazer over a graphic t-shirt. With a pair of jeans to go with this look, you can always feel dressed up no matter where you go. This is a perfect combination for every outing unless you are the bride at your own wedding.

5. Choose Monochrome

If you want to make getting dressed for the day a lot faster, you should pick a hue and let yourself run free. This way, you can narrow down your choices instead of spending too much time putting together your outfit. Go nuts matching head-to-toe and give yourself a break.

6. Jacket Over Shoulders

These days, it is gorgeously fashionable to stop thinking of a jacket like a jacket. Nowadays, the most stylish women wear jackets as capes with sleeves that fall over their arms.

This is perfect for unpredictable weather because you will neither get too cold nor hot. However, you can still get all the coverage you need while looking your best.

7. Add More Layers

Onions have layers, and so should your outfit.

If you put on more layers, you will never risk having one piece make or break your look. This should be enough reason to go wild wearing a coat over a dress.

Otherwise, go for a mesh shirt over tights. Remember that the goal is to look like a glamorous onion instead of an ogre.

Layering can distract from any aspect that does not make you feel confident. The best part is that you can also use this outfit for winter because layers will protect you from the harsh cold.

8. Transform Your Footwear

Start your day by peeking in your shoe closet. Then go shopping for the complete opposite. It is best to swap your high heels for flats and sandals for women’s sneakers.

This is because being fashionable is not about losing your comfort. There is no rule where you need to suffer in high heels all day if you plan on doing a lot of walking. For the best all-purpose sneakers that will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud, check out Air Max 90.

9. Focus On Proportions

If you have a bra top, you should pair it with a quilted jacket that is a few sizes bigger to achieve a baggy look. Or you should try a bulky top with summer shorts.

This is a special put together because varying proportions are hip and fashionable to give you a contrast boost.

However, remember that getting your proportions right is all about soft and structured textures rather than lazily mixing large and small shapes. Make sure to grab some thick and light materials as well, besides focusing on size.

10. Careful With Tucking

To get an instant style cred boost, the best thing to do is loosely tuck your shirt, tank top, or sweater. All you need to do is grab the front piece and leave the back and sides hanging over your waist.

There is no need to tuck anything precisely. The less effort you make, the better you will look stepping out of your home to take on the world.

11. Grab a Hat

Remember that fashion is all about creating your most well-defined look? This is where accessories come in. However, you should also remember not to over-accessorize to avoid putting on too much.

Even if some hats seem like part of a costume, they are still fashionable and look very cool in general. Pair a cute hat with the latest sunglasses and prepare to be smothered by compliments.

Gain More Confidence Today

Now that you know how to be more fashionable, it is time to put these tips into action. Always start small to test how far you want to go out of your comfort zone.

Avoid thinking that fashion means suffering because if those painful heels do not make you happy, they are not the only way to make you feel beautiful. Women’s fashion can feel overwhelming because there are so many options to choose from.

The key is to let your gorgeous personality shine, and the rest will fall into place. If you enjoyed this fashion advice, check out some of our other posts for more information.

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