How to actually Escape from Tarkov?

How does one escape from Tarkov? From the name of the game, you have to consider this. The answer is not quite simple and a bit complicated. Tarkov is complex and pretty unfriendly to noobs that want to relax with a quick game. To get an idea of how to escape from Tarkov and win your match, we’ll give you a concise guide with a few tips that will help you achieve this goal.

This guide will go over how to play Escape from Tarkov with the basic rules of the game and how extractions and the different healings work. In light of that, this is how you can escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov is advertised as a realistic, hardcore online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough built in. Tarkov also sports micro transactions through Tarkov roubles. The game puts you in the city of Tarkov during the wake of a conflict. You will have to side with USEC or BEAR. The enemy and allies you come across will either be AI or human controlled. This is a multiplayer game built on a goal of the best realism experience. On the battlefield, you won’t be facing enemies alone as there are other things to worry about. You will have to watch you hunger, hydration and blood pressure levels. Injuries are also a huge contention you’ll have to deal with. Watching your gun for wear and tear is also necessary because failing to do so might result in a jam or overheating.

Gameplay in Tarkov mainly revolves around looting. It pushes you into a world where the desire for loot and the fear of losing it are your biggest concerns. The player is left with the decisions concerning the balance they want to strike. With other player enemies and AI enemies, you need to be well equipped to take them out. However, don’t be so shiny that your death leaves you completely shorthanded. Why? Well you lose everything when you die in EfT.

Don’t be too worried as the game includes a safe house to stash your loot in. So, if you get lucky and plunder in a match, you have somewhere to stash this loot if you escape. If you’re looking for a specific item, a player driven auction house exists to let you buy and sell EFT items found around the maps.

Try playing as a SCAV

SCAVs are scavengers in Escape from Tarkov’s lore and these characters come with gear that is made up from your arsenal. These characters come with a cooldown timer that only lets you play as them for a short while. But, playing as a SCAV allows you to play without risk of losing your gear. The best part about playing as a SCAV is that you won’t be attacked by AI SCAVs that you’ll find roaming around the map. How cool is it that you get to keep your sicc case? This opens options for you to move around areas of the map that are a lot harder for normal player characters.

Complete Quest objectives

Quest objectives vary in the world of EfT, but they are typically simple in theory. Things like getting certain items for traders or killing other operators. These objectives come with a lot of experience points. You’ll find yourself with a lot EfT roubles that will allow you to finally get that thicc weapon case you’ve been watching for a while. Alongside this, completing quests allows you to gain new trader loyalty levels that will open your horizon to more items and others that require quest completion to unlock them.

Buy insurance for your gear

When you have insurance on your gear, it gives you a chance of getting it back as long as other players have not yet looted it from your body. For insurance, you have the options of using Prapor or Therapist. Prapor is cheaper but it takes a while for your gear to arrive in your arsenal. You should make the call on your insurer based on your play times. Prapor gets your items back to you after 24 to 36 hours. Therapist on the other hand takes between 12-24 hours. Once your items are ready, you will only have 72 hours to claim them back after your insurer has reached out to you.

An easy way to ensure your gear remains extracted by insurance is to ditch it in a bush or anywhere that is hidden. Do this in the moment you realize that you probably won’t make it out alive in a raid. Kits are difficult to find in foliage and most players would rather just search the bodies and run away.

Be smart when you use your containers 

Secure containers are the only personal containers in Tarkov that can stow gear safely. When you place something in a secure container, you can have it in your stash even when you’ve been killed and looted in a raid. Although secure containers might range in size depending on your version of the game, the standard Alpha variant can make doomed raids profitable if you’re smart about what you keep in there.

High value items and barter items such as PC components, higher level dog tags and shortcut keys sell for over 10,000 roubles so it’s best to prioritize those items.

How to Escape from Tarkov

You can escape from Tarkov on any of the maps by searching for the extraction points. These extraction points allow you to leave a raid after a certain amount of time. To know where an available extraction point is, double-tap the O key on your keyboard. Extraction points usually differ depending on your spawn point. So, if you’re playing as a Scav, you might have a different one. 

You can tell if an extraction point is open by looking for active lamps, spotlights, or green smoke. Keep in mind that some extraction points require a certain amount of EfT roubles for each player. Maps like The Lab or Reserve might ask you to complete some tasks to enable an extraction spot. So, no corner camping until you’re ready to break free.