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How This $14 Weighted Eye Mask from Amazon Brought Me Back to Bora Bora


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I was in deep throes of a Biologique Recherche facial at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui resort (yes, the same one where Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earring) recently when the facialist gently placed a covering over my eyes that immediately helped to soothe my stressed eyelids and relax my furrowed brow.

While most spas offer a hot towel compress (or sometimes just a cheap cloth) to cover your eyes, the Conrad’s facialist used a weighted eye mask, and the combination of the gentle pressure and the blockage of light instantly rocked me into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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Days after my Bora Bora spa experience, I went online to try and recreate the experience at home. And after reading dozens of user reviews, I landed on this weighted eye mask from Amazon. The YFONG Weighted Eye Mask costs less than $14 and has five-star reviews from 75 percent of customers who recommend wearing it for a more relaxed and rejuvenating sleep.

Similar to a good weighted blanket, the eye mask is filled with small balls that apply gentle pressure to calm your nerves and soothe any tight or tense muscles around your eyes. The weighted mask has an ergonomic design that hugs your face, with an adjustable headband to keep it in place. While many eye masks lie flat against your face, the YFONG mask has a 0.4-inch indentation or “pocket” above the eyes so your eyelids and lashes don’t get crushed.

The mask is thin enough not to disturb your sleep, but dark enough to block out any light in the room. The silky soft material stays cool all night long. I like that the material is easy to wipe clean with a warm cloth, though the brand says you can also hand wash it with a mild detergent (we don’t recommend throwing it in the washing machine).

While I love using the weighted eye mask to help me sleep, other reviewers online say it’s helped them with migraines, sinus pain, and tension, too. Inspired by deep pressure therapy, the weighted mask offers a delicate caress you’ll feel – and love – instantly.

It’s not a five star spa in Bora Bora, but at least for a few hours a night I can put the mask on and fall asleep dreaming of paradise.

Regularly $30, Amazon has the YFONG Weighted Eye Mask for Sleep on sale for $17 as of this writing. View more details here.

YFONG weighted sleeping mask $16.99 on Amazon.com

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