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How the Princess of Wales mastered ‘combat chic’

When the Princess of Wales visited the Salisbury Plain training area this morning to take part in a simulated battlefield casualty during her first official service as a new Colonel in the Irish Guards, she dominated her ‘combat chic’ look.

Kate, 41, looked elegant yet practical as she appeared in an all-khaki outfit and comfortable walking shoes, her hair pulled back in a French braid.

The mother of three needed a sensible outfit as she was caught up in the drill that included tending to a ‘wounded’ soldier and inspecting some machinery.

And, as if the exercise wasn’t challenging enough, the elements were against him as he completed the practice in sub-zero temperatures as snow fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the Princess of Wales came prepared in her outfit, which was made up of exclusive brands and recycled items.

The 41-year-old Princess of Wales dressed sensibly but with a touch of glamor as she arrived at Salisbury Plain Training Area for training exercises as the new Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Beneath her camouflage jacket, Kate was sensibly bundled up in a £149 turtleneck with a cable-knit detail and button-up sleeves by Holland Cooper.

His khakis were a £150 pair of now-sold-out favorites from G-Star Raw, and his trusty walking boots were a pair he’d worn a few times before from the Berghaus brand, going for around £175.

While her hair was neatly braided away from her face, the princess also donned a woolen cap to ward off the cold and also opted for thick gloves.

During her visit, Kate enthusiastically asked questions about the different first aid methods used by Army medics while tending to the fake wound during casualty simulation. She then applied a second tourniquet and Celox gauze, which is also used to stop bleeding, to the soldier with the fake leg wound and the gunshot wound to the chest.

Kate wore a camo jacket and paired it with high street khakis.  She also wore a practical turtleneck to ward off the freezing temperatures and had her hair braided away from her face.

Kate wore a camo jacket and paired it with high street khakis. She also wore a practical turtleneck to ward off the freezing temperatures and had her hair braided away from her face.

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Lance Corporal Jodie Newell, 25, who was in charge of teaching the princess first aid, said: “I was so nervous, I’m teaching the princess of Wales medicine, it was an honour.”

We were just showing him what we medics do in the military. In fact, she was very good, she was really eager to participate. L/Cpl Newell added that Kate took it “everything in stride, like she had before” and that it was “incredible” for her to visit the training area, particularly on International Women’s Day.

Later, the Princess said that participating in military first aid exercises brought to life the reality of her training.

She said the battlefield casualty drills, complete with fake gunfire and explosions, “just brought everything to life.”

The princess also learned about anti-vehicle and anti-personnel mine clearance and saw the weapons systems used by the Irish Guards. As part of her visit, she met with rangers from No. 1 and No. 2 Companies, who told her about her recent experiences training park rangers in East Africa in methods to counter poaching.

The royal, who wore a green combat uniform with the rank of colonel, was also given a briefing on anti-explosive ordnance – the Irish Guards’ mine clearance training for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Finally, he saw several of the different types of weapons used by the Irish Guards.

Lieutenant Colonel Aldridge said his battalion was delighted to welcome Kate to Salisbury Plain for her first visit as a royal colonel.

He said: ‘It is particularly fitting on International Women’s Day that some of our female soldiers were introduced to such an inspiring female role model.

“It is a real honor for all the Guards to meet your Royal Colonel in the field here on Salisbury Plain and demonstrate some of our basic operational skills.”

Buckingham Palace announced Kate’s new role in December, ahead of this year’s Trooping the Color, which has marked the British sovereign’s official birthday for more than 250 years.

The King’s Birthday Parade, Charles’ first, will take place at a slightly later date on June 17. The King’s actual birthday is November 14.