How the internet turned this Australian broker into a meme

“It’s a public forum where people just make fun of you, and because you’re not attached to it, you can’t help it,” explains Lack.

The most obvious answer is to go underground, which is exactly what he did, shutting down social media.

“Logging out helped for a while, but I couldn’t let it control me or how I live my life; I’ve always been incredibly ambitious.”

Instead of continuing to resist the page, Lack decided to lean into it. If they sent him upstairs, he’d serve it.

“They (Lords of Property) shared my content and their audience grew, so I had to level up,” he says. “I decided I wanted to get better, improve my presentation skills, and give more motivational speeches.”

In one of his more memorable posts, Lack goes full length on Tony Robbins and unleashes a series of Lack-isms in quick succession.

“When the goal is clear there are no distractions, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you have to move differently if you want to; old keys don’t open new doors and understand that whatever you don’t change, you choose.

Once Lack decided to join the prank, he found it easier to regain control and even monetize his new profile.

‘Lords of Property produced merchandise with my face on it; they literally sell a ‘Be well’ cap on their Shopify, so I wanted to join,” he says.

Lack began selling personalized greeting cards featuring his most famous quotes, the best seller being the “Lack Pack” (three cards for $30). The stock is currently sold out and there are plans for an expanded merchandise line.

Getting the best out of a bad situation. Broker Fraser Lack now sells personalized gift cards.

“The fact that people want to buy a greeting card from me is so humbling, and it shows how the positives outweigh the negatives of this journey,” says Lack.

As further proof that internet infamy isn’t all bad, Lack joins the final season of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Channel Ten approached the 25-year-old via Instagram, given the response to his online profile.

“I thought about it for ten seconds before saying yes; I grew up watching the show and always wanted to try it,” he says.

Welcome To The Jungle. Real Estate Agent Fraser Lack Competes On The Ten Network'S Reality Tv Show Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains.

Welcome to the jungle. Real estate agent Fraser Lack competes on the Ten network’s reality TV show Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. Credit:The age

Unsurprisingly, Lack has been cast in the rogue tribe, reflecting how real estate agents are typically viewed.

“You rarely meet someone and they say, ‘Oh, I love my broker,’ but I believe I can change that perception and go all in,” explains Lack. “If there’s one thing I’m used to doing, it’s winning people over.”

Given his track record, you wouldn’t bet against him.

Australian survivor: Heroes vs Villains premieres at 7:30 p.m Monday January 30 on 10 and 10 Play.

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