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How testimonial videos can change the game of your business?

Traditionally when a customer would buy a product, he would share the positive word of mouth with his friends and relatives; this played a vital role in increasing awareness and ultimately sales. After positive word of mouth is a compound interest for a company; It keeps on growing on its own for a long time. Similarly, in the Digital Era, Testimonial videos play the same role.

Customer testimonials play a crucial role in your Marketing Strategy. Some may say that word of mouth is the oldest trick in the book for marketing, but it is still equally important in the online world.

Now customers share their reviews online, and many audiences can watch the videos and make decisions accordingly. Testimonial videos are more beneficial than traditional word of mouth; As they have more reach and are more durable.

What is a Testimonial Video?

Testimonial Video is simply a video that aims to review or refer to your products and services. The testimonials were effective 100 years ago, and they would remain effective for a long time.

Nowadays, customers want to make smart choices when buying a product or service. Therefore they rely on review sites like Google reviews, Yelp, and other products review sites depending on products. Customers also consider what their friends and family purchase and their experience with a product.

It is vital to incorporate testimonials into your marketing strategy. And the best way to do this is to rely on a video production agency in Sydney which would help you manage your customer testimonials. However, if your business is located in New South Wales, hiring a video production agency in Byron Bay would be a better option.

Now we look at the Benefits of the Testimonial video for your business.

Benefits of Testimonial Video

Testimonials are great tools to build your brand trust and convert leads. A trend of video content is increasing every passing day; Testimonial video can have more benefits than traditional text-based reviews. Following are the benefits of testimonial videos:

It Builds Trust and Credibility

One of the essential benefits of Testimonial videos is that it builds trust and Credibility. When your customer goes in front of a camera to speak a positive word of mouth about your product and services, it would ultimately attract other potential customers as well. Moreover, it attracts other buyers, but it also creates strong relationships with current customers.

It Establishes Industry leadership

Another great benefit of testimonial videos is that it establishes industry leadership. When the general public watches a testimonial video about a company, they naturally think it is successful. As a result, customers tend to choose a company that they feel is successful. Therefore Testimonial videos are for establishing industry leadership and increasing brand awareness.

It improves brand exposure

One of the essential benefits of Testimonial videos is they are easily shareable in the digital era of social media and search engines. Brands can share customers’ testimonials on social media and add them to their website to increase exposure to their brand; This would spread the word out, create trust in customers, and increase brand awareness.

The Take-away

According to statistics, nine of ten customers tend to read reviews before making a final purchase decision. What does this mean for your business? It highlights how important testimonials are; Therefore, it is essential to utilize the power of testimonial videos by sharing them on social media; displaying them on your website. So, do it now!

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