How Students Can Save Money in College

In order to be able to live fully and get an education, and save money as a student at the same time, you need to learn how to calculate your budget in such a way that there is enough money both for study and for the fulfillment of all desires.

Campus or separate apartment

Usually, all universities provide students with places in a dorm, where, for a small fee, you can get quite comfortable and suitable conditions for living and studying. If, for some reason, it is not possible to live on campus, then when renting an apartment, it is worthwhile to cooperate and rent housing with other students. You can find suitable accommodation options, as well as those who are also looking for neighbors in rental housing, on sites such as EasyRoommate, Studenthousing, and Studentpad.

How to save on food

Of course, the best way to save on food is to buy groceries and cook yourself, but if you don’t know how or don’t want to do it, there are other options. It is worth checking out the nearby cafes for lunchtimes, discounts, and buffet options. Some institutions have special student discounts. Supermarkets, at the end of the day, arrange for food price cuts and sometimes also offer student card discounts.

Food sharing will be a good help. In the USA and Europe, food sharing is very common. The only thing worth considering is that you need to be disciplined and pick up food at a strictly allotted time.


In addition to the usual scholarship, you can try to get a special scholarship for achievements not related to studies, but, for example, participating in sports or creative competitions. Universities are interested in attracting diversified applicants; therefore, they offer scholarships to attract talented students or candidates from certain countries. In addition, sometimes, they open scholarship programs in specific specialties, attracting applicants.

Another type of scholarship is designed for students in difficult financial situations. After collecting a certain package of documents on the level of income, you can try to get help from the educational institution. Such scholarships are common in the USA.

Savings on transport

You can reduce travel costs by purchasing a discounted student pass. A good idea would be to buy a scooter or a bicycle; the costs will pay off in a few months. When traveling across cities and countries, it is worth choosing a train or bus instead of an airplane. It is much cheaper, and you will be able to see more local landscapes.

And for a trip home on vacation, it is worth choosing flights with transfers; they often cost almost half the price of direct flights.

Join a community or club 

In most universities, social activity is of great importance, and student life plays a large role here. Various communities, clubs and the fraternities, and sororities are popular here. Fraternities and sororities have existed for a very long time, although they are not represented in all universities. These communities are usually closed to potential outsiders. 

Why is it beneficial to enroll in a community or club? It is a great opportunity to receive financial aid. In some educational institutions, student members of fraternities and sisterhoods may be given various benefits, discounts on tuition fees, and so on.


If you have long wanted to get in shape, but either study interferes or exams did not allow you to psych yourself up and start, we have good news for you! Most of the major gymnasium chains pamper students with constant discounts on subscriptions and even one-time visits.


Yes, despite the fact that you are already learning, it never hurts to do something new, especially if the courses or training are related to your future profession. Do not hesitate to check what courses provide student discounts!

We hope that our tips will help you save money in college. Good luck!