How Social Intranet Platforms Are Different?

Whether it is within the organization or with external entities, the exchange of information plays a critical role in the growth of the company. While it is important for employees to share details of the projects and team activities, the employees should also learn about current developments, events and plans. They should feel like a part of the organization. If they are not informed, they are likely to feel ignored. This affects their job satisfaction which is not good for the productivity of your organization. Exchange of information becomes challenging when a company has employees working from different locations. Some duties require frequent travelling. Modern social intranet platforms offer the best solution for this problem.  

Social Intranet 

An intranet is a private network that only authorized users can access. In an organization like yours, your employees are the authorized users. A social intranet also offers administrative advantages. You can regulate control access and maintain control over the security of the intranet. Employees can reach each other better and faster. However, the static and hierarchical structure of the intranet is a little hard to accept when social networks and chat platforms have revolutionized digital communication. A social intranet is an intranet utilizing the latest communication tools to address the needs of modern businesses. It now facilitates real-time communication. Modern social intranet platforms function very similar to social networks. 

What Distinguishes Social Intranet Platforms? 

A social intranet addresses needs for an open company culture. The optimal structure of the social intranet ensures that every employee receives relevant information at time. All employees should be able to participate and provide input. As a result, the management receives valuable feedback and relieves some of its management work. It allows better team management and provides access to work materials. 


Although each company uses tailored social intranet platforms, following elements are available in every social intranet software: 

User Profiles And Groups 

All social media networks allow users to create and manage user profiles. This is the reason why a social intranet software also allows your employees to create and manage their profiles. This enables employees to contribute and comment. They can also search and contact other users to communicate about a project or any issue. It also makes it easy to announce news and discuss topics. 


This activity stream is a major component of a social intranet platform. Newsfeed delivers up to date information about the departments and company to employees. Your employees can sort articles by date. They can also retrieve messaging history at any time. This activity stream is often in the form of a blog. You might not need a dedicated editorial team. You can also encourage your employees to write. A social intranet allows employees to directly react to an article or a message. 


A social intranet software serves the purpose of a messaging platform for teams and the company. The software comes with its own chat messaging system. This messaging system is an alternative to traditional e-mail communication. Real-time communication makes it better than the traditional messaging systems. This real-time chat system offers both general chat and group chats. 


A simple, classic calendar is always there. This feature allows employees to keep track of tasks, appointments and events like a business lunch, a team meeting or a deadline. If given access, an employee can also track the calendar of other employees. 

Central File Storage 

Good document management is as important as good exchange of information. A social intranet platform also comes with a central file storage. Your employees can create, store or retrieve documents. The central file storage also comes with version management. 

Search Functions 

This function is available for various features. For example, your employees can search user profiles, content, projects and other information simply by entering a keyword.