How should you dress your mattress to get a sleepy night?

Sleep is one of the most precious gifts that you can give yourself. However, having a good night’s sleep can be elusive for many, and nothing is as frustrating as not being able to get the desired rest.

The best way of getting quality rest is to create a warm sleeping environment. Luckily, there are various quality mattresses in the market. For instance; Loom & Leaf and Purple aren’t really comparable since they all offer an exceptional sleeping experience. Further, having a good rest is not just about having the right mattress; how you adorn your bed matters a lot.

Below are tips to turn your bed into a sleep sanctuary:

  1. Use the right sheets and cover

Quality sheets are a sure way of getting a calm, comfortable rest. But beddings made of inferior quality fabrics are a No! So, choose high-quality sheets with a precise thread count to fit on top of your mattress. When selecting a bottom fitted sheet, include the height of your mattress cover and pad for the best fit. Also, use silk duvet covers, have a quilt or comforter over the top sheet. Remember to blend the colors of your sheets and duvet covers. 

  1. Soften up using pads

You need to soften up by adding a comfortable mattress pad to create a sumptuous bed. It’s for sure that a soft mattress breaks down faster than a firm one. So, the added padding might as well break down, but it will be less costly to replace than the mattress. Also, a mattress protector is valuable in keeping your bed clean; and this ensures more tranquil.

  1. Add pillows and pillow shams

Getting a quality night’s sleep depends on many factors. But, you’re not going to fall asleep fast if you lack the right pillow.  In quality hotel rooms, you won’t find ten-year-old flat pillows cuddled at the top of the bed. But, you’ll find supportive fleecy ones made of smooth, silky fibers.

So, for the best night’s sleep, you have to pay special attention to your pillows and ensure that they coordinate with your sheets and top cover. Luckily, there are various types of pillows in the market. Some are; feather pillows, down pillows, memory foam pillows, neck pillows, sleep apnea pillows, and many others. However, pillowcases made of silk fabrics are a true definition of elegance.

  1. Your topper matters!

A topper is one of the most affordable ways of increasing the overall look and comfort of your bed. It ensures that you don’t sleep on the slippery surface of the mattress. By using a topper, you can easily forget about any distress, no matter the type of mattress. A topper maximizes the comfort of your bed and suits any regular bed.

  1. Add a mattress pad or protector

Your mattress can be the most valuable component in your bedroom. Therefore, you’ll want to preserve your investment. Mattress protectors lengthen the life of a bed and protect it from dust, dirt, and stains. More so, a mattress pad should be hypoallergenic to keep away pet dander and dust mites.

 Also, the use of mattress protectors blocks the penetration of bedbugs, ensuring a more peaceful sleep. So, featherbed cover or a memory foam mattress cover to give you a softer sleeping surface that molds to your body relieving pressure joints is a must-have.

Take home

If you wake up feeling drained and sluggish, the solution is not always in acquiring a new mattress. By incorporating high-quality beddings to your bed, you can mimic the warmth of luxury resorts in your bedroom. So, opt for classy silk beddings and accessories and experience the fantastic benefits of good night’s sleep.