How ‘Resort to Love’ star Christina Milian – mother of three – nourishes her mane and prevents postpartum hair loss

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Christina Milian is a miracle. The versatile 39-year-old actress-singer-songwriter-entrepreneur and mother of three does it all. (She even has a few beignet cafes.)

It’s hard to imagine the gorgeous “Dip It Low” singer ever having low self-esteem, but previous battles with thinning hair have been challenging. As the power that she is, Milian has devised a plan to avoid lost locks.

Milian, who was secretly pregnant while filming the new Netflix rom-com take refuge in love, experienced postpartum hair loss months after the birth of her first two children, now one and a half and 11. With her third child joining her brood last April, this busy mom has to be strategic about her self-care and beauty routine.

“I’m all for fighting,” Milian told us. “Moisture in the hair. Moisture in the face. It keeps you young, it keeps you healthy.”

Milian was kind enough to take time out of her non-stop schedule to introduce us to the five secret weapons in her beauty arsenal.

Thicker, healthier hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3 Nioxin System Kit 5. (Photo: SkinStore)

Thickening that head of hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Nioxin System Kit 5. (Photo: SkinStore)

“When you have a baby, you lose some hair — let’s be honest,” says Milian. In fact, postpartum hair loss happens to up to 50 percent of new moms American Pregnancy Association.

To curb this common new mother complaint, Milian relies on Nioxin .’s three-step system with her locks: “This thing here really saved my life when it comes to my hair.”

After the cleansing shampoo, “I hit them with a scalp conditioning treatment,” she says. “This revitalizes your scalp. I like to touch these areas, especially where I find that there can be a lot of hair loss… my sleep and this area [top of head]. It has a very cool feel to it. It feels Real Good.”

Haircut change?  Bring it on!  (Photo: Amazon)Haircut change?  Bring it on!  (Photo: Amazon)

Haircut change? Bring it on! (Photo: Amazon)

On screen, Milian’s hair is a star in its own right. It can play straight (Snow globe), curly (Love costs nothing), or go back and forth between the two (Come on, fight to the end and Taking refuge in love). She also leaves fans guessing which hairstyle she’ll rock on stage, whether she’s singing urban pop, hip-hop soul or silky R&B.

Milian enjoys the freedom to have fun with her hair without being weighed down by necessities. Her magic wand: the $7 . Donna Collection Double-Sided Boar Brush.

“It’s great because it’s two-sided,” she explains, “so I can not have a bunch of brushes on me. If I want to have my hair curled or if I want to straighten my hair, this does the job – and my hair doesn’t break when I use it.”

Bristle brushes are also known for stimulating the scalp and distributing natural oils from scalp to tip for shiny, healthy hair.

Shop it: Donna Collection double-sided pig brush, hard, $7,

The Mane Choice (Photo: Sally Beauty) Mane Choice (Photo: Sally Beauty)

“Re-zhuzh” with this fruity ultra-moisturizer. (Photo: Sally Beauty)

Here comes Milian’s moisten withhold: “I use the moons choice if my hair feels a little extra dry or for summer.”

The natural fruit extracts in this formula nourish the hair and scalp. It can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out conditioner. Milian prefers to dampen her hair and add a little for an afternoon boost.

“You may have been gone all day and you don’t want to take another shower and do your hair all over again,” she says. “You just want a little” re-zhuzh – that’s a word. And you have rejuvenated your whole look.”

Shop it: The Mane Choice: Sweet Papaya & Pineapple Infinite 4-in-1 Conditioner, 8 oz, $11 (was $15),

Bed Head (Photo: Ulta Beauty) Head (Photo: Ulta Beauty)

Be a curl boss. (Photo: Ulta Beauty)

To unleash her glorious curls, Milian whips out a nourishing shaping cream: Bed Head Curls Rock Amplifier.

Why it’s her favorite: “There’s no alcohol in it. I don’t like alcoholic hair products like hairspray and stuff. So this really keeps it styled, keeps it going.”

Plus it has jojoba oil! For banging curls, get it on sale for just $10.

Shop it: Bed Head Curls Rock Amplifier Mega Shaping Cream 3.82 fl oz, $10 (was $18),

You shine, girl!  (Photo: Ulta Beauty)You shine, girl!  (Photo: Ulta Beauty)

You shine, girl! (Photo: Ulta Beauty)

We’re 99 percent sure Milian’s tap water flows from the fountain of youth, but she thanks a hydrating serum for her youthful glow.

“Of course you have your hair, but you have to take care of your face. I like to use Hello Radiance from Tula. I do this in the morning, or in the evening, or even just in the middle of the day.”

It is especially adept at brightening dark spots, hyperpigmentation and dull, dull skin. A little goes a long way.

Shop it: Tula Hello Radiance Illuminating Serum, 1.7 oz, $68,

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