How Personal Issue Can Impact Work and the Ways Good Management Can Help

We live in a world full of workaholics. If you identify as one, then the pressure to succeed professionally can outweigh everything else, to the point where your mental health can be at risk. Nowhere is that risk higher than in the midst of a personal crisis. Everyone goes through hard times. Whether it’s a death in the family, coping with addiction, dealing with the end of a relationship, or managing complicated family dynamics, there are personal issues that come up during your life, no matter who you are and it can be easy for these issues to affect your performance at work.

Sometimes personal issues arise out of the blue, due to accidents or incidents. Other times, you may have a continuous struggle that is starting to affect your work life. Whatever you’re going through, remember that your personal well-being is most important. Share what you need to share and make a plan for how you’ll get through hard times. If you are a boss or manager helping an employee through a difficult situation, remember to always lead from a place of empathy and understanding. Compromise can be found and good managers can make all the difference to the mental and physical health of their employees.

Now, let’s take a look at just a few ways personal incidents can dramatically affect your work life and how to make a plan for dealing with it, regardless of whether you’re an employee or a team leader.


Coping with a loss can be an incredibly hard thing to do. If someone close to you passes away, you’re naturally going to be grieving and that will likely affect how you’re working. Most companies offer time off for bereavement. Take the time to mourn and honor the life that was lost, and take care of your own wellness.

If you’re noticing increased mood swings or long-lasting grief, you may also want to consider speaking to a therapist. These services are included in many health plans, and can help you cope with your loss as you get back to the workplace. WithTherapy will help you take care of your mental health and overall wellness while remaining private and affordable.


Society currently has a high-risk factor for being overly stressed and anxious. Many different anxieties can impact you at work. If you have just started with a new large employer, you may be anxious to speak up. Or you may just feel overwhelmed by burnout or imposter syndrome. You may also feel anxious about coming out to your coworkers.

One way employers can help combat this anxiety is to implement workplace wellness programs. Not only do they look out for your employee health, and promote a healthy lifestyle (which we should all be leading, really) but they also help you work together as a team and create a nurturing environment overall. By covering all areas of wellness, you’re creating healthy behavior and peace of mind that everyone can feel comfortable at your company.


Getting into an accident, either at the workplace or on the road, may keep you out of work for a period of time. A car accident can put you in the hospital or limit your abilities to do your job to your full potential. Consult with your car insurance company. Certain auto insurance policies will help you with medical costs and potentially with financial compensation if you lose out on earnings.

Health Diagnosis

No one ever wants to hear bad news from the doctor’s office. Life-changing news is a big deal to employees, as they now worry about a cancer diagnosis, chronic disease, or other health risks, and understandably, worker productivity tends to decrease. You may need extra time off to take care of your health care and medical expenses. Just remember, HIPAA means you can keep your health records to yourself, but you may need to share your health information and concerns so you can get the time off you need.

For Managers… Lead with Empathy

Overall, there are many different ways that you may be forced to encounter with your employee’s personal issues. As a boss, your job is to deal with them practically, but with empathy. Be there to listen first, then provide reasonable solutions. Never pry`. They will tell you everything you need to know and you can proceed from there together.