How one can do affiliate marketing to promote affiliate offers through push notifications

Leveraging push notifications to promote affiliate offers is a brand new method in the affiliate marketing space which is quickly gaining momentum recently. New ways to drive traffic towards affiliate offers are emerging every day and push notifications are the most beneficial marketing tools among them all. If you want to learn all about push advertising starting from what it is about to the advantages of using them, this blog will guide you through that. 

What is push traffic advertising?

Push notification affiliate marketing is nothing but a common type of native ad format that involves delivering ads to user’s desktops or smartphones in the form of normal push messages. It is more of a voluntary form of advertising as users have to allow them to opt-in to receive ads. This means you will be targeting only those customers who want to be targeted making it is a user-friendly form of advertising. Push ads are having a high chance of reaching a broad and engaged audience. Addressing customers who are likely to engage with your ads is a driving force to every successful affiliate marketing campaign and push notifications ads do exactly that.

Push ads enable affiliate marketers to actively promote their offers. Advertisers have the flexibility to choose the frequency of an ad and instantaneously discover new usages of push technology. If you are comparing users of push ads to email subscribers, you can easily identify the value in the medium to deliver the type of ad you want for your campaigns.  

Using push notifications in affiliate marketing

How to leverage push messages in your affiliate campaigns? In general cases, you send paid traffic to a landing page with a single offer and users who are interested in the deal will convert. However, push messages change the gaming scene completely. For example, if you are promoting a dating offer you need to install push technology on your landing page to promote one offer. But what if you have another offer to promote? Send a push message with the link to the landing page. This will lead to your traffic seeing all your offers and they are more likely to convert as they are already familiar with your brand. However, make it a practice not to spam your users with your messages. Also, never use the same message content over and over.

What are the advantages of push traffic to affiliate marketers?

Push notification affiliate marketing helps to increase both website traffic and conversion rate. Push messages are a super powerful way to get people to your landing page and they can be an effective tool in affiliate marketing. With normal marketing tools where you could only promote a single affiliate offer in front of your customers, push notifications enable you to send numerous offers to the same user base at the same time. 

Here are some of the major benefits of push traffic to affiliate marketers. 

Highly engaged audience

Once your users choose to subscribe to your push messages, you can start creating an engaged audience base interested in your brand. Using push traffic is one of the best ways to expose your website and app to your users or even offer them exciting and exclusive deals. 

Better exposure and high open rates

Unlike emails that might end up in a spam folder, it is impossible to miss a push message. Push notifications directly reach the browser or mobile app unless users choose to dismiss the request. Hence, push notifications present high viewability and a high open-rate, which can be highly beneficial for affiliate marketers to increase sales. 

High performance

Better exposure is also directly linked to better performance. The push ad format usually gets higher click-through rates (CTR) compared to other marketing channels. 

Brings in real traffic

In case of push notifications, users must choose to subscribe to receive the messages. This makes the possibility of receiving junk traffic less, making the incoming traffic more authentic. 

Affordable costs

When you compare the cost to promote emails and SMS traffic, push notification service are generally very affordable and cost-efficient. Brands can buy push traffic on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, making the overall cost much affordable. 


Push advertising format is very simple and convenient. You just need to craft a message with a title, description, and an image or a video. It is also comparatively easier to perform testing, change images, etc. 

Easier to expand your customer database

Unlike building a user base using email marketing, it is quite easier to get new users for your push messages. Your customers are just a single button click from opting-in to your user base list. 

Customization is easier

Personalizing push notification advertising is easy. You can easily create different user groups to segment your users and send customized messages to them. The success of your push ad campaigns greatly depends on your push message approach to the right customers at the right time. It is also important to take user behavior on your website or application into consideration. 

Directing your traffic directly to the affiliate offer

Different affiliate programs use different payment methods like pay per lead, pay per click, etc. Both pay per lead and pay per click are the common ways to get paid once users purchase the target link. Hence, it is always better to redirect your users directly to the target site without trying to drive traffic to your homepage. To achieve this, push messages are used by affiliate marketing to send engaging messages that contribute towards affiliate offers to drive more sales. 


Is your website or mobile app visitors leaving without taking actions like downloading, subscribing, or purchasing your products? If your users are not leveraging the full capacity of your site or app, push messages are a great way to reach them and bring them back to your brand. For example, if your main goal is to recover abandoned carts, you can use push messages along with email marketing to retarget those users who aren’t completing the purchase. Push messages are fast and work immediately than emails. You can consider offering deals to your users based on their location to inform them about the exciting offers running on your website. 


Push notifications are effective tools for affiliates and advertisers to promote different products, landing pages, test copies, etc. in an affordable and scalable way. However, always consider maintaining a standard quality before sending big volumes of push messages to your users. You can contact your affiliate partners to ask for their permission as well. Consider adopting push messages in your marketing strategy to see long term positive effects on traffic and sales.