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How Much Time is needed to Get Cured of Erectile Dysfunction

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then this question keeps playing on the back of your mind all the time. And not only is it you, every people suffering from erectile dysfunction are interested in knowing the answer to this question. 

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder in men where they are not able to achieve or maintain an erection. As a result, they cannot have intercourse with their spouse. Due to this, their marriage life is spoiled and ruined. So for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, this disorder is just not only a disorder but something which can completely ruin the life of a couple.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is quite common in men these days. But there is some good news and some bad news for those people suffering from erectile dysfunction. 

First, the bad news…

Most men during some part of their lives experience trouble in having or maintaining an erection. The erectile dysfunction disorder is so common today that millions are suffering from this problem. The chances of getting cured of erectile dysfunction are good enough, but it depends on the underlying cause of the disease and how much suited you are with your current treatment. It also varies from person to person. 

If you are wondering why is it that people are suffering from the same disease, but in some men, it takes a longer time to cure then the answer lies in the immunity of our body? The immune system in every person is unique just like our DNA also as you might know that there could be various causes behind erectile dysfunction.

  • Physical causes include injury to the penis tissues due to an accident or injury, pre-existing diseases like cardiac diseases, diabetes, obesity, neurological problems.
  • Psychological causes like fear, depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Lifestyle causes like less sleep, addiction to drinking and smoking, bad food habits could also contribute to the cause of erectile dysfunction. 

It all depends on the underlying cause and how grave it is. Suppose if your doctor confirms you that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to some cardiac disease then the time is taken to recover and the treatment procedure will depend on what type of cardiac disease you are suffering from and how much it is affecting your body. 

Your doctor may give you medicines if you are suffering from minor diseases. If you are suffering from some major cardiac disease, the doctor may suggest other forms of treatment like surgeries and or herbal treatment and avoid the use of medicines because taking medicines like Avanafil to cure your erectile dysfunction causes chest pain in some people. As you are already suffering from heart disease it could lead to a heart attack. When you think about ED treatment with medications that time you can use Fildena 100 mg with Fast Shipping at arrowmwds.com

So ultimately the bad news is that it all depends on the person and how well he responds to a particular treatment and the underlying cause. 

And now the good news!!!

There are various treatment procedures available these days. From surgeries to medicines and the use of Ayurveda techniques, all types of treatments are available. When you use any medication for ED treatment that you have to see Super P Force Review. This pill is very effective for male dysfunction. You may feel relieved to know that more than 80% of men respond well to a particular type of treatment. Also in cases where erectile dysfunction cannot be cured, there are ways to reduce its symptoms and effects. 

There are some medicines which, when taken, can give temporary relief from this problem, and you will have a normal erection after using these medicines. Also, it works within 1 hour. The effects of such medicines last from 4 hours to sometimes even longer than 24 hours. But again it depends on a lot of factors like if there are some other disorders in your body and the amount of dose to be taken.

Doctors also say that there are always two types of erectile dysfunction

  1. Primary ED 

In this type of erectile dysfunction, men are not able to achieve an erection at all ever. It occurs very rarely in some men. It requires extensive medical care and the use of medical procedures to cure this type of problem.

  1. Secondary ED

In this type of erectile dysfunction, men had no problems and were able to achieve erections normally until this problem surfaced and suddenly started having problems in having or maintaining an erection. This is caused due to some of the factors listed above, like stress and neurological disease. It is the most common type and is curable most of the time.

Ways of treating erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction problems are generally cured by surgery, medicines, or herbal medicines along with yoga. Others resort to treatments like acupuncture therapies and physical exercises. 

It must be noted that surgeries and medicines involve cost and generally are linked with some side-effects. But on the other side, if the treatment is a success, then cure can happen in a much shorter span of time.

Some people who are suffering from psychological causes also go to a psychiatrist for a counselling session which helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and as a result, erectile dysfunction is also reduced. 

On the other hand, natural techniques like yoga and herbal medicines can keep a check on erectile dysfunction so that the condition does not deteriorate any further. It can also cure erectile dysfunction over a longer period of time, generally a few years. But it does not have any other side-effects as only natural and herbal products are used. But initial signs of treatment may not seem to be improving the condition at all.

So what’s the final take?

Erectile dysfunction is linked to various causes like heart diseases to neurological problems or obesity. It all depends on what is the underlying cause of the erection problem and how much you are suffering from this problem. Also, it is to be noted that most cases in erectile dysfunction can be cured/checked as there are so many types of treatments available nowadays. It is also important that you never give up hope and keep looking for other treatment types if the current one is unsuccessful.