How Much is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

If you are self-conscious about your bikini line but are not a fan of waxing or shaving, you might want to consider Brazilian laser hair removal.  A Brazilian involves removing all hair from your pubic area using a highly focused light beam that targets and damages hair follicles, removing current pubic hair and hindering new hair growth.

Is it expensive?

Brazillian laser hair removal costis different based on whether you do the Brazilian at home or go to a spa.

Treatments can range in price from $150-$300 per treatment, and it’s common to need multiple treatments, between four and six for most people, to achieve the desired results.  So a ballpark estimate for a full-price, full-treatment plan from start to finish is around $600-$1,800.

While that might seem pricey to some, many spas or clinics offer special pricing if you prepay for all the treatments upfront, and others have referral discounts and seasonal specials.  In terms of cost-effectiveness, it’s actually less expensive than some other options.

For example, suppose you choose to have hair removal done by frequent waxing or sugaring, both common cosmetic procedures. In that case, you’ll spend more time and money over your lifetime than a full Brazilian treatment would cost you.  Factor in the inconvenience, as you are usually required to let your hair grow out before treatment, and the cost is well worth it.

If you’re old-school and still use a razor and shaving cream, think about the amount of money you spend on those tools and the time you spend shaving several times per week. You’ll see that investing in a Brazilian feels like a good deal and a cost-effective way of solving your pubic hair problem long term. 

There is also good news if you’re not comfortable going in to have a stranger work on your most private parts.  You can use devices to do your own laser treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

They are less expensive than the salon or spa treatments, easy to use, and can give you the same outstanding results without the inconvenience or embarrassment of going to someone else for the treatment.  You’ll find many fantastic models on the market that you should consider before starting treatments at a spa.

Why is it a good option?

If you’ve never had a Brazilian, you might have many questions and even feel apprehensive about it.  But there are some benefits that you should consider before committing.

First, there are fewer side effects from laser hair removal than the repeated nicks you can get while shaving, especially in the really hard to see and hard to reach places involved here, and the burns or rashes you can get from waxing or hair removal creams or gels. 

Any minor side effect tends to be resolved quickly, no more than a couple of days, whereas burns or cuts from shaving or using chemicals can take several days or up to a week to heal fully. 

Next, you won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs anymore.  After waxing, sugaring, or shaving your pubic area, uncomfortable red bumps can pop up due to clogged hair follicles that cause the hair to grow in the wrong direction.  This unpleasant side effect is not a factor with laser hair removal. 

Finally, you get what you pay for.  When you go to a spa or treatment clinic for your Brazilian, you get a well-trained, experienced professional to clean up these extra hard to reach areas entirely, and you get outstanding results.

If you invest in a personal device that allows you to do your own Brazilian treatments at home, you also get what you pay for.  Find a high-quality, well-designed model that considers your sensitive skin, skin tone and will last.  

An added benefit of purchasing your own hair removal device is you can use it on unwanted facial, leg, and armpit hair as well as in your pubic area.  Not only is this a very cost-effective option, but a practical one as well.

Enjoy the results.

Whether you decide to have your Brazilian hair removal treatments at a spa or clinic or choose to purchase a high-quality removal device you can use at home, don’t dread what you might be thinking of as an unpleasant task. 

Instead, look forward to the results.  Anticipate the confidence you’ll feel and the convenience you’ll enjoy once worrying about pubic hair is a vague memory from your past.