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How much game time does Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offer? Our conclusion after playing through – WhatsNew2Day


How much gameplay you get out of Jedi: Survivor depends on your playstyle. As almost always.

You want to play through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but only have limited time because family, job, school and Co. keep tearing you out of the galaxy far, far away? Then let’s clarify how much time you need to bring to finish the campaign.

We played through the full game for our GameStar review of Jedi: Survivor. And one thing in advance: your playing time in Jedi: Survivor will vary drastically, depending on what type of player you are or how extensively you want to explore the game world. Where optional treasure was a nice touch in Fallen Order, Survivor changes the angle: you can spend a large part of the game time recruiting new residents for your bar, collecting plants, recovering treasures.

But none of that must you do. So let’s break it down a bit.

  • You just want to play the main story: You don’t have to farm any side stuff in Jedi: Survivor to earn skill points. The game can also be played through easily, especially on low levels of difficulty, if you only follow the main story. Then you need about 15 hours if you can get through without major hurdles.
  • You always want to take extra stuff with you from time to time: In our test, we tried to include as many side quests, collectibles, and secrets as possible in addition to the main story. We had explored some planets to almost 90 percent, in the main world of Koboh there was still a lot left to do. It took us a good 20 hours to complete the run.
  • You want 100 percent! If you really plan to explore every corner of Jedi: Survivor, collect every treasure, catch every fish, then the game time will be doubled. Easily reckon with 35 to 40 hours. Some of the secrets are really damn difficult to find.

our recommendation: Those who only focus on the main story in Jedi: Survivor are of course free to do so, but miss out on some really cool side stories and locations. There are so many places to discover on Koboh that I don’t even take the actual campaign to, such as the Jawa Village, hidden Jedi temples and, and, and. We would therefore like to recommend that you take ancillary items with you in a quantity that suits you.

Jedi: Survivor also has a New Game Plus that unlocks new degrees of hardness and lightsaber colors. If you really want to see everything and risk a second run, you can add up the playing time accordingly.

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