How Much Does It Cost To See Landmarks In Lockdown?

What’s the most important thing when looking for a new home? Do you look for that sought-after kitchen island? Perhaps you have always dreamt of a large dining room for entertaining at Christmas, let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t use it any other time of the year.

Maybe you look at more practical elements when home buying, how good are the nearby schools, does the property need possessory title indemnity insurance and what are the neighbours like?

We all had different views on what was the most important when looking to purchase a property but now the global pandemic has impacted our lives, priorities in every aspect of daily living are changing.

Being stuck in our homes is for the greater good, but we can agree it is boring and monotonous. Those lucky enough to have outdoor space can at least enjoy the outside world to some extent but even our own back gardens can only provide so much stimulation.

Previously, staring out the window was reserved for our pets and questionably nosy neighbours but it is now becoming the most exciting part of our day. 

Do you now regret not purchasing a home with a better view? Maybe you have finally won that decade-long argument with your partner over whether it was worth paying all that extra cash for a river view?

Some of the most spectacular landmarks in the UK are now lacking their usual numbers of visitors and perhaps you are missing your favourite holiday destination. 

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to see these sites every day from your own windows? Below is a list of some the most popular UK landmarks and how much it could cost you to enjoy them during lockdown.

  1. Big Ben

Do you long for an expensive timepiece, perhaps a Cartier or a Breitling has been on your wish list for some time?

Well as expensive as they may be, they are nothing in comparison to the cost of using Big Ben as your method of time measurement every day. The clock tower is most definitely the most famous clock in the world and London has taken its time from it since 1859.

If you also want to set your watch to Big Ben every morning, it will set you back quite a bit. £29,950,000 is the current cost to purchase a home with the clock tower in view.

Personally, we’ll just settle for a cheap plastic watch for now. However, you certainly won’t be bored during quarantine if you do put an offer in. 

The property comes with a private garden terrace with a perfect view of Big Ben, snooker room, indoor pool, personal gym and perhaps most importantly a personal private bar and wine cellar. Might be worth the investment, who knows when we can next go to the pub?

The Tower of London

There’s more than one reason to lose your head here, the cost of a view of the tower will set you back a whopping £9,500,000.

The Tower of London dates back over 1000 years and has 400 documented executions, although it is thought many more were actually performed.

Thankfully you won’t have to witness any executions nowadays, the tower hasn’t done any since 1941.

With a private cinema room in the property, you’ll certainly have the perfect setting to brush up on the numerous documentaries and films that revolve around this landmark.

Windsor Castle

If you have a not-so-modest £1,450,000, you can be neighbours with the Queen! While it probably doesn’t actually give you access to her majesty and you’ll probably be quickly escorted off her property if you pop round to borrow a cup of sugar, you can certainly at least share her road.

Windsor Castle sits at the end of a quaint residential road and the castle gates can be seen from every living room window.

It’s not clear on the listing if it comes with private parking but with over 1.3million visitors to the road each year, let’s hope it does, otherwise you may never find a spot.

Edinburgh Castle

This is one of the oldest sites in Britain and inhabitants can be traced back to the iron age. It is one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks and has over a million visitors each year.

One of the castle’s most famous events is its incredible New Year’s Eve firework display which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Unfortunately, this, of course, comes with crowds that can easily ruin your ringing into the new year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a private balcony to enjoy this instead?

Well, for £1.5 million you can do just that, meaning your party will certainly be the one everyone wants an invite to. For that price, you may have to charge entrance fees.

Ben Nevis

The tallest summit in the British Isles, Ben Nevis has around 150,000 climb attempts each year.

Natural views have always been a favourite among Brits and purchasing a home close by will set you back £675,000.

While this may not seem like a ridiculous amount, seeing as the average price in The Highland is £200,000, you may feel a bit ripped off.

But with eight bedrooms, you can make some of your money back renting out rooms to those avid climbers.

Blackpool Tower

One of the most iconic scenes of British seaside towns, Blackpool Tower is truly famous around the world.

When initially constructed, it was the tallest building in the UK at 158m. It is now dwarfed by the new record holder, The Shard at 310m.

Who doesn’t wish they could feel like they are on their summer holidays right now? But for £99,995, this may be slightly out of your holiday budget this year.

Check out more information on the UK’s most expensive views and if you’re house hunting, perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for what you want to be looking for.