How modern laptops can transform your digital life

<pre><pre>How modern laptops can transform your digital life

When you are looking for a modern laptop, you can be confronted with a whole lot of jargon and specifications that may not be so important to you.

What does it matter how many cores the processor has, or how much RAM it packs, while everything you really want to know is how it can help do the things you love?

So we're going to look in English how some of the best modern laptops make working and playing easier than ever.

Fast as a flash

You will probably notice that most modern laptops make a big number and dance about the fact that they have an SSD. This is a Solid State Drive that is used to store Windows 10 along with all your files and apps, and it offers many benefits.

Unlike traditional hard drives, SSDs have no moving parts, which means they are much faster, so Windows 10 starts incredibly fast and you no longer have to wait to load your files and favorite programs. . With an SSD, you can boot and shut down your laptop up to 70% faster (on the basis of tests conducted by Principled Technologies) and 52% faster internet.

They are also quieter and use less power – which means that your battery lasts longer. Laptops with an SSD can last up to 35% longer on average with the battery.

Better battery life

Speaking of the lifetime of the battery, modern laptops can now travel between recharges much longer, despite being much more powerful than previous devices. This is due to smart technological advances that make the hardware more energy-efficient in modern laptops. The less power they need, the slower the battery runs out.

What this means for you is that you make more time to do the things you love, without having to look for an outlet to upgrade your laptop. So you can enjoy hours of watching TV on Netflix, surfing the internet, chatting on social media or even working without being stuck at a desk and charging.

Thin and light designs

Modern laptops are thinner and weigh less than ever before, and this allows you to easily carry them with you. You never have to worry about leaving your laptop at home, and they are not only thin and light, but they are also robust, with reinforced bodies and hard glass screens that prevent them from being damaged.

Not only are premium laptops thinner and lighter than ever before, but more affordable laptops have also benefited from the latest technology that enables laptop manufacturers to place their hardware in ever thinner designs.

Windows 10: the perfect fit for modern laptops and modern lifestyles

Along with super fast SSDs, a day long battery life and thin and light designs, modern laptops also benefit from Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the latest – and best – operating system from Microsoft and it has been designed from the ground up for modern laptops and lifestyles.

So, Windows 10 works amazingly fast on modern laptops, and it's packed with great apps to help you get the most out of your laptop.

The Photo & # 39; s app allows you to view, organize and edit your digital memories, as well as easily share them with your friends and family around the world. With the Maps app you can discover new amazing new places everywhere and offer voice navigation for driving, public transportation or walking.

SkyDrive is also built into Windows 10, with which you can store your files on your laptop and on the internet so that you can access and share your files and documents from virtually any device with internet connection, quickly and easily. There are thousands of great Windows 10 apps that you can install in a flash from the Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 also has a great trick when you have a modern 2-in-1 device, because it can intelligently switch between desktop and tablet modes, depending on how you use the device. In laptop mode you get the familiar Windows 10 desktop. By using your device as a tablet, Windows 10 turns into tablet mode, giving you a user-friendly interface that makes using your modern 2-in-1 laptop simple, comfortable and fun.

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