How many Silicon Valley employees earn: Google employees bring home an average of $ 246,804 each year

REVEALED – How Many Silicon Valley Employees Earn: Google Employees Are At The Top Of The Technology Salary List With Employees Taking An Average $ 246,804 Each Year

  • Congress approved a law, which came into force last year, whereby publicly listed companies were required to disclose the median remuneration of their employees
  • Google employees led the helm and earned a median salary of $ 246,804 in 2018
  • Amazon had one of the lowest median salaries, coming in at $ 28,836 because the majority of employees are warehouse employees

Thanks to a new law that came into force last year, we now know how many employees of technical companies in Silicon Valley earn in a year.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Google led the package, with employees who earned a median salary of $ 246,804 in 2018, reporting WIRED.

Facebook was not far behind in second place, with a median reward of $ 228,651 in 2018.

Twitter, Square, Workday, Nvidia and Intel rounded off the top seven, with employees earning a median of more than $ 100,000.


Google led all Silicon Valley companies in median salaries in 2018 and reported $ 246,804. Pictured: a man walks past the Google logo during the VivaTech trade show in Paris

Google led all Silicon Valley companies in median salaries in 2018 and reported $ 246,804. Pictured: a man walks past the Google logo during the VivaTech trade show in Paris

After the 2010 financial crisis, Congress passed a law requiring publicly traded companies to disclose the median pay of their employees to the US Securities Exchange Commission.

Under the law, the salaries would be comparable to those of the CEO and show the striking income inequality.

Google's parent company, Alphabet, saw the largest increase in median pay last year, rising from $ 197,274 to $ 246,804 – about 25 percent more.

An Alphabet spokesperson told WIRED that the reason for the $ 50,000 jump is due to the company distributing shares and stock options.

However, Bloomberg reports that more than half of Google's employees are temporary and contract workers who do not take the median salary into account.


Despite the seemingly high pay from Facebook, the median wage in 2018 fell by about $ 12,000 compared to 2017.

A company spokesperson told WIRED that there is & # 39; no specific reason & # 39; was for the fall.

According to registrations obtained by the website, Twitter, mobile payment company Square, HR company Workday and computer game company Nvidia, all media in 2018 had more than $ 150,000.

Google $ 246,804
Facebook $ 228,651
twitter $ 172,783
Square $ 155,200
Nvidia $ 106,900
IBM $ 55,088
Amazon $ 28,836
Source: SEC Filings, WIRED

Most of these salaries are enough to rent a two-bedroom home in the Bay Area, according to the annual Out of Reach from the National Low Income Housing Coalition report.

According to the report's authors, employees must earn $ 60.96 per hour – or nearly $ 127,000 a year – to rent the house.


Among the major technology companies, Amazon had one of the lowest median salaries last year, good for $ 28,836.

But this is because most employees of the retail giant are not software engineers, but warehouse employees.

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) also had a seemingly low median salary of $ 55,088.

However, this is because the majority of the workforce is outside the US. According to a 2017 New York Times IBM has 130,000 employees in India and fewer than 100,000 in the US.

When comparing the employee's salary with the CEO's salary, the gap was not surprising because the wages of many founders and CEOs do not match their net worth.


Larry Page, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had an annual salary of no more than $ 1.50 last year.

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