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India is an amazing country full of places to see and explore and things to enjoy creating memorable trips and vacations for anyone ready for it. Jim’s Jungle Retreat, one of many tiger reserves, explore the many birds of India, barren deserts, hills and mountains, forests and grassland. But one of the biggest destinations is one of the hill stations located in many of the mountains and hills India has. Both natives and visitors check them out every year throughout the summer season especially. It is an amazing experience. But as well as the more popular hill stations in India such as Shimla, Srinagar, Manali, Coorg, or Kodaikanal, there are lesser-known hill stations as well. If you are looking for something awe-inspiring and less-visited maybe take a look at one or more of the options below!


Less explored hill stations


Chopta Hill Station – This hill station can be reached 40 kms from Gopeshwar found on the Gopeshwar to Ukhimath road in Garhwal. It is at an altitude of 2900 m above sea level and is a small place but also close to other great places to visit including the Tungnath Shiva Temple, the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and Ukhimath. There are a great many orchids and alpine vegetation to enjoy and is a beautiful place to see. 


Vanjangi Hill Station – This hill station is 6 km from Paderu but it should be noted that the last part of the journey is not traversable by any motor vehicles and visitors will need to be prepared to manage an hour’s walk to reach the viewpoint. The village Vanjangi is in the district of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It is a traditional village and does not have the tourist conveniences you might find at more well-known hill stations. It is a bit more than 1036 m above sea level and the dense clouds you can view as the sun rises early each morning has earned it the name, Megha Samudram or the Ocean of Clouds. Vanjangi Hill Station is a spectacular sight, worth the walk, and many even choose to camp in the open to be close to the location.


Kalimpong Hill Station – Another amazing hill station to visit that is very serene is found in the north of West Bengal called Kalimpong Hill Station. It is 1250m above sea level and allows you to enjoy the most inspiring scenery as well as being close to some other sights such as libraries, churches and monasteries.   


Chikaldhara Hill Station – Found in the Vidharba region the Chikaldhara Hill Station is 1118m above sea level. It is close to popular tourist spots like the Melghat Tiger reserve, the Shakkar Lake, Gavilgadh fort and more.  


Yercaud Hill Station – Found in southern India this is at an altitude of 1515 m in Tamil Nadu in the Shevaroy Hills. Compared to other places in India this has a cool climate so is comfortable to visit even in the summer, the highest temperature being 30 degrees Celsius.    


Overall India is home to numerous hill stations that you can visit during the summers. North India is blessed with more small hill stations but they also witness huge influx of tourist during the summer months while South India has fewer hill stations but they not so crowded during summers.

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