How Long Can You Drive on A Full-Size Spare Tire?

Tire is a round structure made of synthetic rubber or natural rubber. It covers the wheel’s rim and provides resistance to the surface on which the vehicle travels. At the time of safety, tires are the most essential fraction of the vehicle. Some tires have dilated structures that help them to absorb shock over the rough surface.

In this topic you’ll learn How Long Can You Drive on A Full-Size Spare Tire? Before this you have to learn what, is spare tire? For what reason is it used? Let’s started with the learning process:

Functions of Tires:

The functions performed by the tires are given below:

  • Tires provide a grasp for the increment of speed as well as slowing down the speed.
  • Keeping directional control and guiding.
  • Tires support the heaviness of the vehicles.
  • Tires tend to absorb the shock of vibrations from the street.

Everything in this world does have some problems according to their usage. Over-speeding, speed breakers, road stones, and excessive vibration are the reasons why tires got damaged and we need a spare tire to avoid the conditions.

Spare Tires:

Spare tires act as a lifesaver to you when the regular tire of your vehicle got damaged, these spare tires will help you to get through miles away till you reach an auto mechanic shop and get a new tire.

When the old tire of your vehicle is off, and it is stored in the storage compartment securely, you are having an extra tire in your compartment so that you can reach the mechanic shop that is close to you. If you are fortunate enough, the mechanic can repair your focusoilfilter tire at cheap rates. But if the tires are damaged badly you will have to buy a new tire. For a few, burning hundreds of dollars on the purchasing of a new tire for your car simply isn’t likely to work out. This will leave an inquiry in your mind that ‘How long can you drive on a spare tire? Each model of the older cars was accompanied by an extra piece of the tire which is identical to the tire that is in use.

Throughout the long term, manufacturers of the cars are convinced that the usage of the spare tire is very infrequent, so they made some changes to it. They think it does not bode well to outfit every vehicle with a full-size spare tire. Because of this point, the manufacturer of the cars started leaving the car with a space-saver tire which is also known as ‘donut’ in the replacement of the full-size spare tire.

Importance of Spare Tire:

The manufacturers of the cars for a quite long-time built cars along with spare tires. In the case, you have taken your vehicle to a shop of an auto mechanics and you got to know that your tire is completely damaged and it is not in the position to be repaired, you can simply ask for another extra tire in the replacement of the first tire’s edge force of the extra tire. The spare tire can replace the normal tire in case of damage. Nowadays the donut tires are smaller spare tires than the full-sized spare tires. This is a modest, cheap, and quick process. Moreover, you will be permitted to drive on the spare tire for a more extended timeframe.

It is important to check your spare tire from time to time because it is the only solution you have when no mechanic is available and you go on a long journey.

Full-Size Spare Tire

When your vehicle is possessing a full-size spare tire identical to your regular tire that is in use, you can easily drive your spare just like a normal tire until it wears out. If you purchase a heavy vehicle like a truck or SUV or any other big vehicle, your vehicle must have a full-size spare tire with it. The full-size spare tire is heavier than a normal tire and for its capacity or storage it requires a large space but they are more tough and durable. Moreover, they can handle a normal drive as well just like a typical tire does.

If your full-size spare tire is in the trunk for some years, then do not think it will act just like a new tire. This is not accurate. Before using the spare, you will have to check it completely for openings, brakes, holes, cracks, and pressing factors before appending it to the wheels. The full-size spare tire can take you easily up to 70 miles away but you will have to keep the 50 meters per hour. They will help you to reach the mechanic shop to get a new tire.

Difference between donut Tire and full-size spare Tire

Donut tire is relatively smaller than our normal tire. You will get through a restricted distance if you are carrying a donut spare tire. You can easily find a difference while you are using them. Full-size spare tire is larger and heavier than a donut tire. With a full-size spare tire you can go through a bit farther than a donut tire. That is the main difference between full-size and donut spare tire

Usage of Spare Tire

While it may very well be tempting to thrust the spare tire as far as possible plus delaying the purchase of a new tire, one thing you will have to remember is that the whole expected life of your spare tire is very short. The speculations that are mentioned above could be shorter and more limited, especially in the event you have previously utilized the tire. Break down of your spare tire, no matter if it is a full-size spare or donut, simply you will have to supplant two tires rather than one. So, it is good to keep the usage of spare tires less as much as you can and save your spare for emergencies.


Regardless of whether you are possessing a full-sized spare tire because you have an old model car, or in any case you are carrying a full-size spare tire. These tires are durable and strong enough, but still, they are not ideal for the replacement of actual tires. Probably you will go more miles away and get a superior driving encounter because of conveying a full-size spare tire. But still, you will have to change the spare tire after some time with a new tire.