How Is the Coronavirus Pandemic Changing the Dating Scene For The Better

There’s no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world forever, and while the return to normalcy will happen one day, the normal after the pandemic will never be the same as before it. Apart from the obvious areas of life affected by the current situation, such as business and school, there is something else that is also going through a change. However, this one can be for the better – that’s dating. 

How exactly is the COVID-19 pandemic changing dating for the better? Well, keep reading if you want to find out. 

Video Chats and Dating Apps Are Thriving

While dating apps were popular even before the pandemic, the lockdown and the inability to leave their own houses definitely contributed to people becoming more willing to try them out – especially since in April, Tinder, which is one of the most, if not THE MOST popular dating app, has offered their users’ Passport’ option, thanks to which they could change their location to anywhere in the world, for free. 

There are many dating apps and websites available right now, such as Fling, Match, Tinder, Badoo, and so on. This means that those interested in them have a wide selection to choose from. If you don’t know which one will be the best, just look up the opinions of other people, by searching Fling reviews, Badoo reviews, whatsoever. 

Another thing that changed since the pandemic started is the people’s willingness to use video calls. Nowadays, we use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other similar platforms, not only for school or work, but also for dating. According to a survey performed on Match users, before the pandemic, only about 6% of singles were using video chat to court someone. Now, almost 69% admit that they are willing to use it. What’s more, one-third of them says that they already have someone that they like to talk to this way. 

It’s actually no surprise that video calls have increased, as our physical appearance can actually give away a lot about us, or rather our background. Seeing the other person eye to eye also helps in understanding their personality, as you can see how they are behaving around you. When exchanging messages, it’s really easy to put a mask on, but on a video call, where you can see the other person’s facial expression, it’s a lot more complicated. 

Both Sex and Money Are Out

When going on a date, there is usually the problem of who is supposed to pay it, as many women these days don’t like when men pay for them. However, now as you cannot go to any restaurant or any public place for the matter, it’s not really an issue. 

Now – sex. When you meet with someone for a date, there are always questions such as – Should I kiss them? What if they invite me to their flat after the date? It was proved that before the pandemic started, more than 34% of Americans had had sex before they went on an ‘official’ first date with the other person. 

In the current situation, sex is off the table. After all, you cannot really leave your house unless it’s something necessary? And while you can always engage in some fun activities through the video chat, if you’re not really into that, you might have to wait for a while before the real thing will be possible again. 

More Time To Talk

You probably didn’t notice how fast your life was going until the lockdown was announced, and you were forced to stay at home. Dressing up for work, being stuck in traffic, commuting – it all took the time that you can now devote to something else, such as talking. In these crazy days, you have more to talk about, something important. 

It was shown that during the pandemic, singles are more willing to share information about themselves with the potential partner, as well as get to know the other person better. The more meaningful information you are eager to share with the other person, the more intimate your relationship with them becomes. And as we all know, intimacy is one of the important factors in a sturdy relationship. 

The Bottom Line

As you probably already noticed, the world is changing – and so is dating. Thanks to the pandemic, we have more time to actually get to know the person we are talking to and their personality, instead of focusing on the physical attraction solely. 

How long will it last, and will it remain like this after the world return to normalcy? Well, only time can really tell.