How is bingo changing over the years?

Bingo has been a beloved game for many years now. It has endured many decades and actually dates back hundreds of years, all the way to the sixteenth century in Italy. It was known as ‘Lotto d’Italia’ back then. It soon spread across Europe, finding a home with the French aristocracy where it simply became known as ‘Le Lotto’. Clearly bingo has been around for a long time. The surprising fact is that bingo has stayed relatively similar to it’s initial origins. When it came to the UK, bingo was adopted by the country. So much so that many people don’t know that bingo’s earliest origins date back to Europe. In recent years, bingo has found itself changing at a rapid rate in many different ways. 

Sixties and Seventies 

The sixties were instrumental in the popularity of bingo, the main reason for this is because at the start of the decade gambling laws were changed. In 1961, gambing was legalised. This meant that bingo halls could be introduced to the public. They became a hit and bingo soon saw some of its peak years of popularity, people loved bingo halls because of the atmosphere they provided as well as the social aspect that they promoted. Though there are still many bingo halls today, they were more popular back in the sixties and seventies. They were used by players of all ages, with working class families in particular enjoying a trip to the local bingo hall. 

Eighties and Nighties 

As the eighties began, bingo’s popularity was slowly declining. Though more bingo halls than ever were being opened, just as many were being closed down. There are many factors that contributed to the decline of bingos popularity. One of the biggest was that the game simply didn’t evolve with the times. Bingo was no longer seen as a young person’s game, with many players being those who first enjoyed it back in the sixties. Another factor was that the game was being commercialised, bingo halls were being taken over by chains which failed to capture the charm of a regular bingo hall. The nineties began with many predicting that the game would simply die out but by the end of the decade bingo had received a second life thanks to the internet!

 Modern Bingo 

Today, bingo is as popular as it ever has been. Thanks to online bingo, the game has been able to adapt to modern times much better than it did in the eighties. Bingo halls are also still open and they try to reach out to other demographics now by hosting special themed nights. There are a seemingly limitless array of bingo game sites and online apps for layers to choose from. Online bingo has brought the game to a new generation, ensuring that it will continue to thrive and survive. 

In Summary 

Bingo has changed significantly over recent years. Bingo halls were incredibly popular throughout the sixties and seventies but their popularity began to wane in the eighties. By the early nineties many were predicting that bingo was going to fade into obscurity but thanks to the internet, today online bingo is enjoyed by a new generation of fans.