How I Celebrated My 30th Birthday in Marrakech

How I Celebrated My 30th Birthday in Marrakech

Last year when I was planning to spend my 30th  Birthday, I found many options to go but I chose Morocco’s glorious city Marrakech.

There were many reasons, one of them was that when I spent family holidays in Morocco, it was a very less time we spent in Marrakech but the city really attracted me and at last convinced me to visit it again.

This time I was having a great reason for being there, I was turning 21 and had to celebrate this birthday in a unique way.

Marrakech provided me with all those great experiences I’m writing to you so you can also think of making your time worth here.

Birthday in Marrakech

It’s your birthday? Know how can you celebrate you Bday in Marrakech

Marrakech is a famous destination for celebrations. People come from across the world to celebrate holidays, birthdays and honeymoons. Last time we witness the marriage celebrations of the foreigners too.

That means people come here for their marriage ceremonies as well. Here are the activities you can have while celebrating your birthday in Marrakech.

Marrakech has a lot of Birthday opportunities But?

But I had to celebrate my birthday in a unique way. For you, if you want your birthday in a classic way, there are a lot of opportunities for you in a metropolitan city like Marrakech. Search for the best cafes in the city you want to have your birthday celebrations in.

Dining out in the best restaurants of Marrakech can make your birthday more amazing and funny. Don’t forget to visit Djema El-Fna on the eve of your birthday.

My suggestions are limited in this regard, but I can tell you how I celebrated my birthday, it’s crazy.

Birthday in Marrakech

Did you think of Celebrating something Strolling a city on SideCar?

That I did on my trip to Marrakech.

I was with my partner and he bought a sidecar for somewhere and surprised to ask me to accompany him exploring the city in a unique way.

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We were just reached to Marrakech, put our luggage in the local hotel type residence, people call that place “Riad”, I still can’t pronounce it well.

Leave it, we left Riad in the evening and came back to the same hotel at night. We strolled to every place we wanted to.

Sitting on the side of the car, guiding my driver, of course, my partner by google map about the places we wanted to go and where exactly that locates.

On the way back to our residence, we ate well in a well-reputed restaurant nearby. That day I came to know the significance of Moroccan dishes, amazing.

On reaching back, my partner handed over the keys of the Sidecar to the Riad’s manager, then I came to know that the car was provided by the hotel management to surprise me.

Birthday in Marrakech

It was just an amazing experiencing celebrating our first day there. He wished me in the night exactly when the clock clicks at 12 and I turned 30 that day.

I wished to have a very long time with my hubby. The chocolate chip cake was arranged by him was another surprise along with the gold ring he already has taken in our home country. That night was such a memorable night of ours in Marrakech.

That was exactly the same what I expected from Marrakech. The next morning we had to fly like a balloon, but how?

Marrakech offers you to fly like a Baloon

Yes, it is true, We experienced flying in Marrakech like a balloon in a Baloon. You must have got it, No? It is a Hot air Baloon. That was an amazing experience flying on Marrakech to have the stunning ariel views of the exotic Marrakech.

I somehow call it darling, no, not to my partner, but to Marrakech. Do you want to celebrate your birthday hanging in between the blue sky and the fabulous Marrakech? It’s a unique idea one should have in their celebration.

Birthday in Marrakech

The breakfast in the morning was prepared by the Riad staff and that was brilliant, traditional Breakfast people of Morocco used to have.

Birthday celebrated in one of our friend’s place in Marrakech

Chris has many Moroccan friends he is in contact since so long. His one of a friend Lucman arranged a party at night to celebrate my birthday I was not known about before. Some of our friends from couchsurf joined us with a lot of gifts they traditionally use to pass.

I was new to that culture so many of them gifted me the things which represents the culture and the traditions of their homeland. It is a good gesture because of which you always can remember and recall the memories once you had in a place.

We had dinner, cut the cake and had enjoyed the party with classy quality drinks. That was my first experienced to break the useless stereotypes because they are Muslims and Morocco is a Muslim country.

All that was so amazing, I would recommend you to celebrate your birthday, first explore the unique way yourself and then set out either solo or your family or friends. Have a great trip to Morocco.