How His Music Altered a Generation

When you think of pop music in the world, Elton John songs are top among the list. He is one of the most popular faces in the world of pop music and his songs have shaped that genre of music up to date. Elton has released over thirty albums and sold more than 300 million albums across the world. He is popular for his classic songs and he has made an indelible mark in the world of music. He has not only done amazingly well in the music world, but he has also impacted generations through his various philanthropist activities. For instance, he has done great work for AIDS organizations and has also been a voice in matters relating to LGBT rights after he came out as gay in the late 80s. Indeed, Elton John songs have altered a generation, actually more than a generation. In this post, we’ll look at some of the highlights of the high moments of this music legend.

Elton John has Visited 80 Countries and Played at Over 3500 Concerts

When it comes to live performances, Elton John is a top performer. In his career as a musician, he has played at more than 3500 concerts in about 80 countries of the world. He has been able to achieve all these within the course of his five decades as a musician. By the way, he started his musical career in 1969 and remained strong and in the limelight all through this period. Before he launched his music career, he started playing the piano at the age of four.

  • He Performed in the USSR

In the course of his music career, Elton John has undoubtedly made history at different times. For instance, he was the first Western artist to ever perform in the USSR when he went on his music tour around Russia. During the time, the country was under communist rule, and the infamous Iron Curtain was in place in Russia at this time. He embarked on the tour at the exclusive country and performed in the country in 1979. It is interesting to note that this would be the first time that a whole generation of Russians would be seeing a Westerner. Another interesting thing to know about his tour to Russia is that due to his elaborate and bizarre costumes and outfits, most Russians assumed that his dressing style was the standard for all westerners. This birthed the luxury Russian clothing market.

  • His ‘Candle in the Wind’ Performance has Witnessed More Than 26 Million Views

It’s not surprising to find that Elton John’s music cut across ages and gender. However, his moving performance that has garnered over 26 million views on the popular video channel YouTube is not only credited to his popularity. Elton has been very close to the Princess of Wales, Diana, before her untimely and tragic death in the late 90s. In tribute to her death during her funeral, Elton performed the popular sentimental song, Candle in the Wind, altering the lyrics to match the personality and life of Diana. Since the song was uploaded on YouTube, it has garnered over 26 million views from across the world.


Elton John remains one of the iconic legends in the music world that have ever walked the face of the earth. Although his music dated back to the 60s, till today, he remains the favorite of many. His songs are still being played at different times, and even though he has personal issues, his music career is one of the successes of his life. Indeed Elton John’s songs have altered his generation and more generations after him.