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How gaming is changing the world – Gaming Culture explains with Vlesk – WhatsNew2Day


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How gaming is changing the world – Gaming Culture explains with Vlesk

The record start of the Mario film shows one thing clearly: gaming is more than just games. Okay, that sounds like a bit of wisdom we tell grandma when she asks again if we’re socially lonely through “those games.”

But it’s true: What began as a video game hobby has long since become a multifaceted culture – the »gaming culture«. Movies and series (see The Last of Us) about gaming dominate the charts. Where band posters used to hang in children’s rooms, there are now pictures of influencers whose fans fill entire football stadiums at events. And then there would be cosplay, e-sports and so on!

How much gaming has grown and what is part of this gaming culture is discussed by Ann-Kathrin in the CAGGTUS talk with Leya von MyMMO with two streamers: Vlesk, which is successful on Twitter and youtube is on the way, as well as our own Twitch growth Maurice Weber.

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Maurice also has to rub salt in his own wounds: He was never allowed to interview Henry Cavill on the Witcher series because Netflix didn’t want its coverage to be gaming-focused. Cavill himself is a gamer, a fan of World of Warcraft and Total War: Warhammer.

Sure, that may have been because the Netflix series is actually based on the books. Still a misjudgment: While gaming used to be dismissed as a niche and »for children«, today it is a mass social phenomenon.

And for good reason. Because the interactivity of gaming is also transferred to the media around it – especially with streaming, where the audience can interact directly with each other and with Vlesk, Maurice & Co. via chat.

Leya is watching very closely how big this scene has become, because MeinMMO has been reporting more and more about it for several years – and has been very successful with it. Because games journalism has also gained new facets thanks to the gaming culture.

Or mainstream journalism. With Maurice, for example, even ARD wormed its way into the chat…

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