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How far should you book a flight? The magic number you need to know before booking a flight


The magic number you need to know before booking a flight to save money – and it works every time

  • An unknown travel hack has been shared
  • Timing is essential when booking flights

A lesser-known travel hack has been revealed to help thousands of travelers get the best deal before booking a flight.

It is necessary to know the ‘magic number’ of days before the flight opens to secure the cheapest fare.

According to CheapAir’s annual study, the price of a flight changes on average every 4.5 days and each change averages $33 up or down.

The number varies across all airlines, but can usually be checked simply by visiting the website. Airlines often release seats 330 to 362 days in advance.

Qantas issues its reward flights 353 days prior to departure for those who wish to book using frequent flyer points, while Singapore Airlines issues dates 355 days prior to departure.

It is necessary to know the “magic number” of days before the flight opens to secure the cheapest fare (stock image)

For Virgin Australia, customers can reserve and select seats up to 336 days in advance of travel at the time of booking.

Singapore Airlines has it too My flight insurance The page where customers can book their desired itinerary before deciding to purchase a ticket, which comes with a non-refundable $20 fee.

The useful feature freezes the reservation without worrying about the fare being overpriced.

According to the website, if your flight qualifies, a “Lock My Fare” button will appear after you’ve chosen your flight and ticket type.

Passengers must book domestic flights at least 21 weeks in advance and international flights 22 weeks in advance.

How to score cheaper flights:

to stop

Be open about your itinerary

Traveling at inconvenient hours

Take off at the end of the week

source: escape from

It comes after a woman listed the best ways to save money when traveling – including packing snacks, a water bottle and booking flights ahead of time.

Téa Angelos, from Brisbane, Australia, shared the helpful tips in a series of two videos with thousands on TikTok.

The 25-year-old Education Company Founder Smart Women Association He recommends booking flights at least six weeks in advance, using cashback services and signing up for travel sales alerts to get the best deals.

When booking flights, it is best to sign up for airline email lists to take advantage of deals and sales.

Wednesday tends to be the cheapest day of the week to fly and it’s best to use services like Webjet to compare prices when booking.

Instead of buying expensive food at the airport, Téa ensures that she always packs snacks, food, and a filled water bottle in her carry-on luggage.

They also avoid spending money on check-in baggage to save you time and money at the airport.

Hotel and accommodation prices can also be compared using multiple platforms.

“Check the actual hotel website as they sometimes offer special offers/discounts,” Tia wrote.

When traveling abroad, travel cards often have little to no use compared to credit cards, which often charge foreign exchange fees.

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