How Eyelash Extensions Helps Your Eyes


Eyelash extensions are generally painless eyelash extensions. Fake eyelashes are added that are very organic and lightweight, making them so comfortable you won’t even notice they are there. The therapy will improve the appearance of your lashes by making them longer, thicker and darker.

Below are reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to extend your eyelashes.

You can use them anywhere

Eyelash extensions are not just suitable for clubwear or Saturday night. They can be used wherever you are, day or night. As I said earlier, individual extension cords look so natural that your friends or colleagues may not even know that you are wearing them, but they will be able to notice that you have done something different with their own eyes. They will most likely think you have some new eyelash makeup and are trying to figure out where you can get it too. Wear them to work, to the grocery store, or a parenting conference.

They add to your natural beauty

Everyone knows that the first thing men look at is their eyes. Eyelash extensions will highlight your eyes and create a contrast between dark lashes and the brightness of your eyes. You can also ask your eyelash extension specialist to trim them to your liking. You no longer have to deal with glued eyelashes and individual extensions look much more natural. It’s not like the past when if someone was wearing eyelash extensions you would know because they were so big and stand out. Some people have them and sometimes even forget that they are wearing them because they look so natural.

Wear less makeup

It takes a lot of time to get ready in the morning and especially at night. Preparation and makeup can take several hours. The extension saves time that you would normally spend applying eyelash makeup because the eyelash extension has already been applied with such makeup. You can make them as thick as you want, and the thicker you choose, the more it looks like you are adding extra makeup to your lashes. This is a quick way to cut your preparation time by at least 30 minutes.

What to avoid before and after treatment

Before starting treatment, you need to make sure your eyes are clean and free of makeup, as any residues can affect the glue on your lashes and help your semi-permanent lashes last for a shorter period. For four hours after your treatment, contact with water should be avoided, as it can certainly loosen the actual glue, and for the same reason, during the first few days after eyelash extension, baths, eyelashes should also be avoided. 

How long will eyelash extensions last?

The usual length of time you use them depends a lot on how long you take care of them. It also depends on how quickly your lashes develop; real eyelashes have a growth period of 30 to 60 days, with one or two eyelashes falling out and replaced by each eye daily. Renewals usually last about two weeks, however many beauticians offer monthly service visits, in which case they can last indefinitely.


Eyelash curlers are generally prohibited and should be ignored at all costs because they separate the lashes and are unnecessary since the extended eyelashes will already have enough perm. If you are using mascara, avoid oil-based mascara and go for any water-based product. It should be applied primarily to the edges of the lashes and removed with an oil-free makeup remover.