How Does an Auto Injury Chiropractor Help With Car Accident Injuries


Every day, car accidents happen because there are so many people driving, and Atlanta is no exception. Most people’s lives have become so regular that they must go somewhere literally every day in a car. All of this can pose a problem since individuals are frequently distracted when operating a vehicle. As you may know from personal experience, being a part of a vehicle accident can be a physically and emotionally traumatic event, requiring everyone involved to heal physically and mentally. 

Chiropractic treatment is one technique to shorten the time it takes to get better after a vehicle accident. Automobile accidents continue to be a regular occurrence, resulting in tons of injuries. After a car accident, should you go to your local chiropractor? When you’ve been in an accident, you might turn to a car injury chiropractor for help. You may not realize how essential chiropractic care is, but it is a critical step that may help your wellbeing. Here are some car accident injuries that will need assistance from a chiropractor.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Chest Injuries 

If a car accident victim was wearing a seatbelt, chest injuries are likely to occur, depending on the extent and speed of the crash. While the seat belt keeps the driver or passenger from being thrown through the windshield, the force necessary to retain you in your seat when an accident happens can inflict fractured ribs or internal injuries. In other circumstances, the victims may strike the dashboard or steering wheel before being thrown back into their seats, causing injuries to the chest as well. Internal injuries, such as organ bruises, are challenging to detect and require an X-ray to assess the entire severity of the damage. After a vehicle accident, it is critical to let an auto injury chiropractor take an x-ray of your chest to see whether you’ve suffered any inside injuries.


Whiplash is one of the most frequent automobile accident injuries, and it may happen at speeds as low as 10 miles per hour. Whiplash is often due to a violent jerking back and forth of the head and neck. It is also known as a cervical strain/sprain or a hyperextension injury. Car accident victims commonly experience the following: 

  • Neck stiffness
  • Acute neck pain
  • Back problems
  • Cognitive deficits

In other cases, symptoms may not show for many days. This disease causes an abnormal S-shape in your backbone, which can worsen with time. This sort of injury can go unreported and untreated for a long time. Since many individuals assume they did not suffer a whiplash injury because they were not driving very fast at the time of the accident and did not feel any pain right away. Going to a chiropractor in Atlanta can assist avoid future issues, which is understandable.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

In a vehicle collision, spinal cord injuries are among the most severe injuries that may occur. Almost every bodily component relies on the spinal cord for general movement. When the spinal cord is damaged and function, such as movement and feeling, is lost, it is called a spinal cord injury (SCI). Even if the injury does not cut the spinal cord, function loss is possible. When someone has experienced spinal cord damage, it is generally still intact. Ruptured discs, spinal stenosis, and pinched nerves are not the same as spinal cord injury. A person can break their back or neck without causing spinal cord damage if just the bones around the spinal cord (vertebrae) are fractured and the spinal cord remains unharmed. The individual may not stay paralyzed once these bones get stabilized over time. However, it is critical to get medical attention right once so that the damage gets recognized and treated as soon as possible. For a person to recuperate from these damages, they will almost always require extensive therapy. Sometimes a patient might have surgery, followed by months of rehabilitative treatment. 

Treatment for Car Accidents Injuries

Many people seek the help of a chiropractor after a vehicle accident because of the physical stress that a collision may cause. The following are the best chiropractic therapies for recovering from car accident injuries.

Whiplash is a frequent injury that occurs as a result of an automobile collision. During the acute phase of whiplash, the chiropractor will focus on reducing inflammation in the neck. The chiropractor uses ultrasound as a therapeutic technique. Manual massages and mild stretching may also get used in the healing of whiplash. A chiropractor will not only address your whiplash, but they may also advise helping you heal faster. For instance, the chiropractor may advise you to utilize mild neck support or apply an ice pack. This method will assist in relieving irritation. Once the discomfort and swelling in the neck have subsided, the chiropractor will be able to use spinal manipulation and other procedures to support the joints in the neck to regain normal function.

Chiropractic therapy corrects the alignment of the spine, which is a common issue in car accidents. During treatment, chiropractors commonly use a technique known as spinal manipulation or adjustment. It uses a controlled force to realign vertebrae and keep them from placing pressure on spinal nerves. Although some people require many sessions to achieve the desired outcome, spinal adjustments may be able to help you feel better with only one visit. Chiropractors will utilize manual therapy, which heals damaged muscles and ligaments in addition to spinal manipulation to help you recover faster after a vehicle accident. Therapeutic massage, trigger point treatment, instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, and manual joint stretching and resistance methods are just a few of the manual approaches available.

Another frequent chiropractic therapy for automobile accident injuries is interferential electrical stimulation, which uses a mild electrical current to activate muscles and decrease inflammation. If this is not something you prefer, you can opt for a more traditional method. In the days following a whiplash injury, applying ice to the neck might help alleviate discomfort and swelling. Small blood vessels will be temporarily closed by ice or cold packs, preventing edema from increasing during this period. After that, you should alternate between using ice and heat for a few days after the injury.

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to go through the traumatic events of a vehicle accident or the extensive therapy programs that follow. Because of this, whether you are on the road and behind the wheel, you must take all essential measures. You must wear a seatbelt since it is the only way to protect yourself from harm. Be sure to keep your eyes on the road because nothing is more vital than your life when driving.