<pre><pre>How do you view tonight's 2020 Democratic debates

The race has begun for whom the Democratic presidential candidate for the year 2020 will be. Again, 20 candidates will spend two nights to convince American Democrats that they are the right person to run into Donald Trump.


This time, CNN is sponsoring the event that takes place at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan. It should be lively, especially on the first night, while frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren compete, while Joe Biden will test his courage on Wednesday against Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and other hopeful people.

If you want to follow these debates as they occur, you can do this as follows.

When are the debates?

Just like last month's debates, these are split into two nights: Tuesday 30 July and Wednesday 31 July. Both run from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM ET.

How can I watch?

This time CNN is hosting and offers different ways to catch the debates. You can view them:

  • Streamed online on
  • Via the CNNgo app or Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and Android TV.
  • On TV at CBSN (a cable subscription is not required). In addition, CBSN will report before and after the debates.

If you are looking for simultaneous commentary, a number of sites will offer live chats, including the The New York Times and The Washington Post. Or you can sign in to your favorite social media chat and exchange your opinions with other viewers.

Who actually argues?

It is a full house both nights. Again, each candidate is given 60 seconds to answer a question and 30 seconds for a reply. According to CNN, colored lights will be used to help debaters time their answers. Everyone who starts to interrupt gets his wrists beaten by shortening his time.


Tuesday's line-up includes:

Wednesday's line-up includes:

Who is hosting?

The questions will be asked by CNN correspondents Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Don Lemon.

This could be the debate that ultimately the crowd of Democratic hopefuls filters to a more reasonable number. So if you're interested in today's politics at all, then this is one that you probably don't want to miss.