How do you convert millions to crores easily in your business dealings?

A small business requires the calculation of millions, crores, billions, and many other calculation quantities. However, if your business is around the finance then it might create confusion and requires time to convert. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to convert the millions into crores. 

There is more than one way of converting the numbers in the business including calculators or manual calculation but it depends whether you have skills or not! 

In business dealing, it’s better to use the online calculator for converting the numbers because it would avoid any conversion errors. 

Introduction to Millions

Million is the number in the form of 1,000,000 or it’s equal to one thousand thousand. It’s a natural number that preceding 1,000,001. The word “Million” was derived from the Italian language million, whereas it was known as mille in an early ages.   

The popular abbreviation of Million is m or M where it is also writing as MM, mm, or mn. Talking about the scientific notation of one million, then it is written as 1 x 106.

The popular meaning of the word “million” is a short scale and long scale of the number system, unlike the larger numbers. 

The million is also written in English to indicate a large number. For example, “I have told you million times, not to that”, “The question was of million-dollar”, “She’s one in a million”.

Valuation of Million

It is common to say that calculating the million may be stressing because it requires extra efforts, time, and concentration. Below, we have mentioned some of the valuation of millions:

Information: Million is used to express the information in the form of counting e.g. the book was of 600 pages while it contains millions of characters excluding spaces. 

Length: One kilometer has one million millimeters in it whereas it’s about a million-sixteenths of an inch in a mile. A representative car’s tire may rotate for a million times in a 2 thousand kilometer. 

Fingers: An average finger of a human is about 22mm, that indicates if one million of the fingers lined up in a straight line then it will cover the area of 22-km. 

Area: The square of a thousand objects or units will have a million objects on aside. A city with a lot of 70 by 100 is said to contain a million square inches.     

Volume: Calculating the cube root of one million, we got the result as one hundred which means if a million objects or units are placed in a container then it’s volume will be a hundred. 

Methods of calculating the conversion of millions into crores 

  • Manual Calculation:

It’s possible to calculate the conversion of millions into crores manually. The most basic formula for converting is to multiply the millions by 10. According to this formula, 

1 Million = Crore/10 

The western countries use the term million mostly where they represent the million as 106 or 1,000,000. One million is equivalent to 0.1 crore while 50 million is similar to 50 crores. 

  • Calculation through online calculators

There are numerous calculators over the internet that are able to convert the million into crores quickly within seconds. However, you just need to enter the millions in the tool where it may be converted in real-time. 

There are numerous online tools that are available for free amongst which some of the famous tools are below:

It’s one of the finest mathematical calculators that also offers different other field’s calculators. This is a free calculator that doesn’t any registration or subscription instead it generates the result quickly and instantly.  

Power 10 Numbers conversion by is the tool to convert the millions into crores. Not only millions, but this tool is capable of converting the different numbers including hundreds, thousands, lacs, millions, crores, billions, trillions, and Arabs.

This is another website that is offering the number conversion from million to crores. However, this tool doesn’t offer any other niche conversion instead it just focusses on mathematical conversions especially on the million’s conversion. 

It is an instant, quick, and free tool that requires no registration or subscription to use.

The is another converter for numbers that is one of the compulsory calculators in business dealings. One of the amazing facts about this calculator is that it tells you the converted numbers in all the units simultaneously. 

This way, you can know the number in thousands, millions, billions at the same time. 


Instead of calculating the million into crores, go for the automatic calculation through the online tools. This way, you don’t need to spend extra effort or time whereas the mind will be relaxing through not focusing on the conversion.